Jita: Pirates, one-shoot suicides, cargo ships rdy to loot etc. always the same suspects

Let’s start here. Why is this even an issue? Why should CCP “investigate” whether or not a cargo scanner is “benign” or not? Also, leave all your lore based theories at the door. This is a video game first and foremost.



You can come up with whatever lore-related justification you want after the fact. But EVE Online is a video game. If you’re making a change to the game, there should be some gameplay-focused reason first. The OP even implied that there’s a group of players who regularly loot wrecks after a Jita gank (gameplay-based) and is suggesting a change to the status quo based on that.

If you’re going to continue to insist that a lore-centric reason to changing the status quo be introduced, you’re free to go make your own thread about it some place else.

Here’s the thing - if you’re talking lore, CCP can easily provide a zillion ideas as to what they could be used for in a benign way. If you’re talking why the empires allow capsuleers to use them in high sec if they’re used exclusively by pirates, they can also come up with a zillion reasons as to why that would be okay.

If you’re talking game mechanics-wise, they’re not an actual attack on a ship - all they provide is information. The pilot decides whether to engage with the ship or not based on the intel provided. That’s not inherently an aggressive action - it’s a prelude to an offensive action. CONCORD can’t be blowing up everybody who does anything remotely aggressive, or even giving suspect timers to acts that are not, by themselves, aggressive. You might as well argue that locking anybody in highsec should give you a timer.

Which is an interesting side note. Locking does make you flashy yellow in overview, just not flashy as in being a suspect. Have I got that right?

In contrast, scanning someone, which as you say is a prelude (the same as locking?) does nothing. Basically, unless I am zoomed into the field of view, I have no idea of having been scanned, never mind by whom. Again, is that right? Interesting distinction.

Basically, you are equating actively scanning a player with being at the same level as looking into a container. Interesting lack of distinction. Otherwise, fair enough.

Again, fair enough. And I look forward to reading it. One day.

Much simpler: Have the station as your (next) route destination. Warp to instadock bookmark then engage autopilot. When you land immediately without delay the autopilot will request to dock and you dock right away zero delay regardless of lag.

(Note: You will have clear feedback and confirmation of turning autopilot on as Aura vocally stating the fact as well as you get the text notification as well on screen so you will be assured you dock up no problem.)

On my Jita thief alt blinking yellow after stealing stuff this always worked for docking up at Jita 4-4 countless times never once got popped or even locked despite lag and bunch of gankers around so if it works there with thousands in local, busy grid, lag and whatnot without a flaw then it should work everywhere else too.

recycling characters to get around negative sec is a exploit…

just saying

Yeah… like obvious and known robbers in front of a supermarket checking everyones bags for luxury. This doesn’t seem right in highsec. This could be more worked out and more fun, for them and people like me trying to counter it.

First: Calm down
Second: Let me try again:

  • Why are Cargo Scanners allowed to be used in High Sec against other ships if the use is obvious?
  • Why are there safe-heavens for hitmans? (like the Tranquility Trade Station in Perimeter)?
  • Why does everyone pretend that it’s normal that pirates stay on a position for weeks, literally in front of a Trade Hub with everyone knowing, what they are there for?
  • I can’t think of any mechanic to make it a more fun approach, maybe you guys have ideas instead of trying to analyze every little word for the sake of such post as yours? People are specialized in different fields (more or less) and your approach to others is that they generally have shitty ideas in mind if they say “it could be more interesting”? I’m no Pro in EVE, sorry about that. But my guts tell me that the current stuff going on around Jita is totally wrong except for those doing it. Take the supermarket example and don’t tell me that this is the way it’s supposed to stay.

you must know concord only PUNISH hisec aggressors. they don’t prevent aggressions . morally someone scanning your stuff maybe wrong but it’s not an aggression.

that’s a safe haven for anyone. traders and miners too.

don’t compare the game with real life. if their sec status is not -5 ( correct me if I wrong) they are not pirates or thugs in the eyes of concord.

once I was bored cause I had to.wait 20 min for my corpmate arrive at trade hub from a long journey so we could make a deal. I just bumped the hell out of the gankers nados and industrials and they missed some loots. collected good salt.

and I’m saying all that because I’m not a ganker myself. but I know how to survive and not get hit in hisec. once you learn it they not gonna hit you again unless you pass them off a lot xD

There should be counters to cargo-scanners (with the addition of modules?) and more possibilties for pirates as well instead of waiting there for hours and waste one char after another. What great counters do traders have? Insta-warp to a bookmark-banana counter? That’s the most and only intelligent thing to do in a complex environment which EVE tries to provide?

But how and what mechanics to add for making it more fun… I don’t know, trying to think of it.

there is… it’s called freight containers.

it’s their waste . if they are lazy and don’t want to actually hunt targets it’s their loss.

yes and it’s quite effective, easy to do, and unavoidable… why make any other mechanic ? just to please you?

if you not having fun with the game itself why keep playing it?

Not to please me, but to enrich the EVE world with more possibilites which could please everyone. If there is no way, then so be it. Please don’t come with the “why keep playing it” stuff :slight_smile:

Not now. CCP confirmed somewhere that alphas kinda dissipated that exploit. @Alexander_Minto_Hughes

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Why does this matter? It’s a non-aggressive module.

There aren’t?

That’s a market. If you want to call it a “safe-heavens[sic] for hitmans” that’s your problem. You’re free to label things whatever you want from your own pov.

Because they’re playing a video game and they can play the way they want as long as it’s not breaking the rules?

No. It’s not our burden to come up with ideas in order to criticize your’s. You are the one proposing a change to the status quo, the burden is on you. Everyone else can simply say “the way it works right now is fine.” We don’t have to provide any additional ideas.

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My post was not intended to step on anyones toes, to whine etc. but to ask questions and ask if there are more ideas. Nobody needs to do anything here, I don’t understand your agitated attitude. Accusing me, criticizing like a damn teacher, generalizing etc. … Seems I hurt your feelings, so be it. Please ignore this thread, would you? Thanks.

Oh, I see, it’s this ‘debate tactic’ you’re “just asking questions” despite the fact that the underlying implications are blatantly obvious. And of course, you don’t address anything I say and instead throw out a personal insult and then try to slide it under a rug. Classic.

Look, if you think it’s an issue, go submit a ticket to CCP, report the players for cheating or hacking or whatever you think they’re doing. You’re the one who posted a comment on a forum and now you’re getting the flaws in your ‘argument’ called out. Why are you so defensive if all you’re doing is “just asking questions”?

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Debate tactic? Wth is wrong with you?

Submit a ticket that they are cheating? Who said they are cheating? Who said anything to get rid of it but rather work on making it better for them and us potential victims?

Me throwing out insults? You come here crashing in in an agitated state and try to find a point just to mess up a thread which has no hostile intension like getting rid of things but extend them somehow incl. criticizing the way I ask question. Is it an ego thing you are trying to pull off here?

I kindly asked you to stop posting in this thread. Is this a problem to you?

Go and search other threads to exploit every sentence for your mental needs and your superior intellectual-acts-play.

You don’t get to say who’s allowed to post in here, Miner


And yet again an entire comment that ignores everything. Looks like you don’t have anything to say that’s on topic. Again, why are you so angry if you’re “just asking questions”?

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