Anti Griefing? How about banning bots?

CCP talked about a concern with highsec griefing. I assume they meant suicide gankers. I support suicide gankers but it seems very obvious that the real problem is free omega accounts due to skill farming and using third party software to control 10 to 30 at once. Every single account which is controlled by the programs is a bot so why doesnt CCP just track and ban the very obvious players doing this? You simply have to fly from Jita to Amarr and you will pass many such entities.

Nobody sane enters Jita system and those that are in Jita never leave Jita.


I support all forms of PvP but you are correct in pointing out the unacceptable situation with bots.
It may bring in revenue for CCP if the botters aren’t using isk to PLEX which, with 10 mining rigs it wouldn’t be all that difficult.
In any case, botting is also unacceptable for a AAA game.

They specifically meant not suicide gankers.


They specifically said " Dont worry Suicide gankers. Youre safe". They were more referring to griefing new players in rookie ships and such.

Kybernauts Clade


There already is protection around rookie systems, relevent systems and arcs for 30 days or less.


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Nonsense, I I go there very often to sell my loot and buy more ammo, loot in the billions. Not one problem.


Jita is full of griefers. It should just be closed.

Well, burning it didn’t work.

I went there a couple days ago. Not a problem.
Some people see threats everywhere.

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PLEX brings CCP more revenue than cash omega purchases. Also, this thread seems mostly devoid of actual proof of botters and just “they run X many accounts, they must be botting.” Maybe they’re not getting banned because they’re not doing anything wrong.

No, many just hate multi-boxers. Human powered or not. I don’t like them either and have sub-zero sympathy for their higher costs.

That could very well be. Yet let’s not fool ourselves, although numbers vary, there are botters in EVE Online.

Botters are also a reason why you won’t find an accessibility interface in a game, it’s the thing they would use to automate with.

So for those that want an accessibility API for accessibility tools, blame botters and cheaters.

CCP should start removing UI text copyable UI elements and use images created with the text (or block text copying) with selectability on the item, but NOT the text content. Yes I know, nullbears will cry at that cuz they copy and paste local names lists but it’s quite effective against bots.

They can do the from the info window.

Allow players to disconnect out of local chat, so they won’t be there, and also cannot see whom is there. Symmetrical blind. You take the risk of not seeing who is there by not appearing there. Since delaying it throws them into a tailspin.

Alternatively just keep raising the price exponentially for every multi-account.


While I don’t like multi-boxing either, do you have any proof they are botting?

Good idea. Should give a little mystery back as to who’s in system. Can allow for interesting encounters.

You still show on dscan, it’s only to lower abuse of local chat for radar. Since there’s no backbone to delay it, so that’s my alternative suggestion.


Over a decade and people still think PLEX is like, seeded by NPCs or something.