Jita: Pirates, one-shoot suicides, cargo ships rdy to loot etc. always the same suspects

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it is extremly obvious what those guys are doing and waiting for (near Jita right where you warp in from the Perimeter gate; at the gates close by), yet there is nothing to stop these guys. It’s always the same Corp with always the same guys and similar named 2nd chars.

They do it all the time and come back with new characters and the same objective: to insta-cargo scan others, one-shot-pop them with their mates rdy (or 2nd account) to loot the wreck and salvage it. Afterwards, the hitmans tend to go to Perimeter and hide near the Trade station which disables all weapons in a specific radius and just wait there before attempting the same action again.

Can’t it get any more easy and gamey for these guys? Since it’s so obvious what their objective is in highsec with them staying there for days, even weeks at the same spots all over again… why are they being tolerated? They literally have “suspect” painted on their foreheads.

Not that it should be banned, but make it more challenging for them.

It’s like robbers with balaclavas etc. waiting/camping in front of a supermarket with the police close by, them checking the pockets of everyone, while the hitman waits to take the one with the biggest most expensive cargo down. Afterwards their minions steal the loot while all people are knowing what they are up to… still the same robbers standing their for years just with different names.

EDIT: My point is: Is this intended to work this way forever?


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What’s your point?

Is this intended to work this way forever?

It’s only going to work as long as no one contests them for days of weeks to make their activity less profitable. Just suicide their looter industrial, suicide their Tornados or loot their suicided wrecks.

Or just ignore them, fly ships in ways that doesn’t make you one of their victims and laugh at the stupids who lose hundreds of millions in T1 indus like total morons.

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Fly less expensive ships friend


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Happened to me quite some time ago, but it didn’t bother me since it’s part of the game and learning process.

I’m happy that at least you got your moments worth out by presenting the folks here with my mishaps. Feels good eh?

Anyway, I’m not talking about banning it but rather making it a more interesting action because it’s so boringly obvious. Just read the supermarket example.

Yes. Because it’s super easy to avoid being ganked in game. if you have minimal knowledge about the game, gankers are no issue. Gankers play kind of Darwin.


Yeah but reworking it a little bit to make it more interesting would be nice instead of obviously hanging there for hours incl. making counters more interesting than just insta-warping straight out of the station.

I hadn’t the minimal knowledge months ago but well, losses are part of EVE as stupid as they might look like. At the end everyone is smarter, more or less.

Ganking is not everybody’s cup of tea, cause you will maybe get 1 in a 100 or 1000 and to be professional you have to operate multiple accounts. Also there is counterplay, for example stealing the loot before the ganker can do, or killing the loot hauler. But this can be boring as well, because you have to stalk the gankers all the time.

Finally it’s a sandbox, everybody can play like they want.


I used to bump their looting ships away so they miss the loot xD… collected very rare ganker salt xD


Yes, it is.

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OP search for bumping fits and bump their industrials away 1000km they will throw a lot of salt on you . if you want to do even better make an alt to collect the loot and you get double salt xD

Op, here is a simple counterplay to station campers.

Arriving. Make a bookmark anywhere within the docking radius of the station. Warp to the bookmark always, not anything else. While in warp hold d and click the station in the overview (there’s no feedback to confirm you’ve done it). I usually d+click twice to be sure. When you land you will insta-dock, 100% of the time without even a single server tick given.

Departing. Undock in a MWD frigate, aim the ship roughly down the middle of the undock corridor. A view from exactly behind your ship gives the best perspective to get the direction right. Fly out until you are off-grid (roughly 13,000 km, can be more or less) and bookmark. Fly back, dock, undock again and test that your ship instantly warps to the bookmark. Always use it when undocking. Again if done right there won’t be even a single server tick given for them to lock you.

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The better question is, is such a status quo compatible with New Eden lore? Including lore that might not be written yet?

I know latter is tad of a stretch, but why do cargo scanners exist? What is the lore behind their use? Specifically, what is the legitimate and lore-based reason for one player to cargo scan another, in HS, and yet not go suspect?

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It’s easy to come up with ideas as to why cargo scanners exist. Maybe they’re stolen CONCORD modules. Maybe they’re pirate modules that are designed to evade CONCORD weapons use restrictions, etc.

EVE forums rule of thumb: the word “interesting” is used to describe a shitty idea that is poorly thought out. Provide some actual reasoning, please. One that doesn’t rely on subjective metrics of what an individual may or may not consider to be ‘interesting’.

CCP could punch you in the nut each time you posted a comment on the forum and that’d certainly be ‘interesting’ but doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


Why they exist, yes, but not why their use is tolerated. What is the benign reason for their use (specifically in HS) that allows CONCORD not to intervene, or for their use not to be seen as “suspect”?

Their use in scanning exploration cargo is moot; but remember those are passive containers anyway, not active ships.

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I don’t think they have a benign use.

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One potential idea is to investigate current mechanics for “Jita poaching”, such as use of cargo scanners, based on lore. In this case, lore around what is seen as “naughty” enough to earn a suspect flag. Or not.

In this case, “if” cargo scanning of ships cannot be benign, why does their use on gates (such as into Jita) not come with a suspect flag? I don’t have a feel as to whether such a change would make for “interesting” gameplay, or not. But it is curios (to me) as to why such a flag does not currently exist.

Okay, so CCP “investigates” then what?