Well that was fun

(Agondray) #1

just lost 700m in a viator.

Warp to Jita 4-4 before downtime. Cloaked landing on a bookmark on top of the station. Autopilot says docking as soon as cloak drops, pod docks. taken out by 2 instalock nados. That has never happened in all my years of running probably due to my cell phone connection as it lagged jumping at several gates and having closed sockets.

(Tipa Riot) #2

Bad luck … a laggy connection can very well be the reason, as the dock command has to be given by the client and is not yet queued.

(Scipio Artelius) #3

Bad luck…I know the feeling of the laggy connection. Makes you feel pretty helpless.

(Rosov Aulmais) #4

Yeah, always warp to the Caldari Business Tribunal station or something else far from range of gankers and then to the Jita station, because the seconds lag loading so many stuff might kill you.

(Tipa Riot) #5

This does not help, OP had an instadock bookmark (the best possible safety measure).

(Rosov Aulmais) #6

I am not sure but I think your client will be jammed and unable to send requests when it is busy loading stuffs(correct me if I an wrong). How about posting the Gamelog? Also, by warping to some points far away you can see if there is any Tornado first before it is too late.

(Keno Skir) #7

Savage :smiley: Will be your phone connection as you mentioned. Maybe drop at another station generally, and only ferry it across to 4-4 when you have scouted the destination undock / have a better connection? Were you scanned on the way somewhere? Seems strange (tho does happen) to randomly pop one with couple of nados just on the offchance it’s dropping off and not just picking up from Jita. Mention your activity to anyone you shouldn’t have that day? Maybe you have a regular routine and that was your failing?

Either way sucks to be you man :smiley:

Hope you adapt successfully for next time.

(Agondray) #8

bought a dd to shuttle away in, got ganked on undock before warp \o/ today is not a good day. 1000 days of not being ganked catching up

(Agondray) #9

found the log, as I activated ap in warp, it has me approaching the station, than after im ganked has me warping again to station again before socket closed

(Keno Skir) #10

There’s your problem. Why are you using autopilot at all? It is a gank magnet.

(Tipa Riot) #11

What you do is, set station as destination, warp to instadock bookmark and activate autopilot, which docks you the moment you are out of warp/cloak. With a good ping this works flawlessly.

(Agondray) #12

that’s what I did, I warped to bookmark, activated ap. its set right ontop of the station and for some reason it still set destination to perimeter when I landed, I got podded and it rewarped than docked.

(Agondray) #13

the ap was set after I warped manually to my bm.

(Tipa Riot) #14

Ahh, got your mistake, happened to me once. I was on a long trip back home to Perimeter coming through Jita, and changed my mind and set course docking at Jita 4-4 bookmark, but had forgotten the destination was still Perimeter. What happened was as soon as I landed at Jita 4-4, the autopilot warped me to the Perimeter gate at 10km … luckily it was my travel ceptor, so warp was “instant”.

(Keno Skir) #15

Ah yeah sorry dude my mistake.

He said :

Does this mean he heard the audible “docking request” or that the autopilot was set for the correct destination?


(Yang Aurilen) #16

Way to be smug about gameplay mechanics you do not know. The technique he is using is a surefire way to insta dock using insta docks and bm’s. Saves you hassle from the instalockers near the servers. Of course I never used wireless connection for my internet since packet loss is a thing and will always will be.

(Keno Skir) #17

I already noticed my own mistake and apologized to the OP an hour before you white knighted that. I actually only clicked that he initiated AP mid warp just after my comment.

(yellow parasol) #18

Found this on reddit once. He teaches about AIDS. The pun is so bad, he could be Linus from LinusTechTips.

(u3pog) #19

For these kind of situations I keep blockade runner above 30k ehp and still very good agility and warp…You won’t be that easy to kill.

I always wonder why people put cargo expanders on BR…This ship is supposed to be fast and carry small, but expensive stuff.

(Agondray) #20

no my dest was correct, I set ap path from a rookie ship I keep in station there, and the only bookmarks I have in jita are ontop of the station just to the right of the crest above the docking port and a instaundock. I also have your apology Keno.

I have had the cargo there because its so small and I run many jumps in it compared to running all the jumps in a freighter. just earlier this week I dropped 8b in compressed or in multiple trips.

I do not have the satisfaction of using a wire connection here because it cost $300 a month for a 1mb connection that runs usually around 38kbs when I tried it. my cell gets almost 300-400 most of the time but 3rd world cell = drops for no reason and doesn’t cost 300/month.

This is the last online game I can play and you cant just buy games here with 70% import tax via mail or taking long amounts of time + more data due to data inflation on wireless.

after dt I undocked in a DD and got ganked again as soon as undock, so I do believe the game is getting revenge on me for going over 1k days not losing ships the same way all of a sudden a mission you did thousands of times suddenly melts your tank.

ive scored a br and a nado kill and will be going back for more once I reship.