The Top 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Ganked

Who better than an old ganker to tell you how to avoid getting ganked. :slight_smile:

Made this for the newer players and the uninitiated.


Youtube “Subtitles/closed captions” button helps here.



PS: Local needs to be delayed everywhere.

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I’ve noticed that the announcements in IV-4 pronounce Jita as both Jeeta and Jitta. Seems like even they can’t agree on the pronunciation.

Don’t play.

That wallpaper is ghastly…

  1. Agree.
  2. Agree
  3. Agree
  4. Agree
  5. Agree
  6. Agree
  7. Agree
  8. Agree
  9. Conditional, too many people in local can take time to assess like Jita. FR helps to note who is not able to gank, so you can judge your movement through when they are unable to gank.
  10. Agree, always thought that was stupid

Overall a pretty good video for new players, respect to you o7.

PS One thing, your BM on Jita station, I advise people to actually not use the undock and setup one away from gate warp ins just in case, just a higher level of security, its not a major help but lag often happens in Jita.

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In case you are talking about dock up bookmark then lag should be no issue with this method:


It’s prounounced Juh - he - uh - tuh

I laughed hard at point 10.

This newcomer thanks you for telling me how to bookmark the docking area after undocking. I never knew that I will sometimes emerge from warp just a few clicks out of the docking area! I always assumed I land in the zone.

Quite right, I do this too, not all the time, but most of the time.

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Some very good tips on that video. I had jotted down notes.

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People should appear in local when they appear on dscan :slightly_smiling_face:

Take extra effort to make insta dock bookmark outside of undock. Like other side of the station or something. In case there is lag, miss click or whatever. You won’t end up strangled directly in gankers range. And someone who took the effort to use insta bookmarks probably will be prime target as it’s very high chance of moving something valuable.

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People should only appear in local when they talk in local, like W-space local.

Spinning a ship while docked should allow your pilot’s avatar to glow brightly in local.

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Police interviewing a serial killer’s parents:

  • Detective: What do you think pushed him “over the line”?
  • Mother: The wallpaper, it was definitely the wallpaper.

Those dang combat recon ships :ghost:


The autopilot-to-dock trick doesn’t always work. There have been quite a few times when my autopilot was on and it just left me sitting there outside the station, doing nothing.

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