Ship does it's own thing does not respond to control

I had a peculiar thing occur on one of my accounts. I undocked and the ship just warped off to a safe spot on its own then when I entered an abyssal site the ship wouldn’t approach or interact movement wise with targets. The ship just slow boated around in circles. I reset my pc and logged back in. The issue wasn’t so pronounced but came and went. Fortunately I was able to get out of the site with my ship and drones intact. When I warped back to my station the ship didn’t autodock and I had to request to dock again. This sort of thing happened with another alt on the same account. I then rebooted the launcher and tried again on another account and it seemed to be ok. I also went back to the original account and it too seemed ok. As you can imagine I’m not sure I’m going to risk my Gila in another Abyssal until I’m sure this isn’t going to happen again.

Sounds to me like a lag issue, I experienced a similar thing years ago, your client not talking to the server right and your ship trying to do a logout ewarp while you’re still playing. Not sure about the flying in circles tho, but it could be related. It’s also odd if it only happened on that one account, esp if you had several open at once.

You could try resetting router etc, then just fly around for awhile the same way you were doing (maybe not the abyss lol) and see what happens. From what I remember the fix for me when I encountered it was replacing my ethernet cable.

May well have been lag as the only way I could approach anything was to mash the button continuously. Having said that though chat seemed to be operating correctly so I’m not sure. Also not sure if it was only the one account as I only had one open at a time. I even opened up a word document to see if it was stuck keys on my keyboard!

I’ll check my router stats and take your advice and fly around for a bit see if the problem crops up again.

I can confirm docking issues. Often it happens, that I press ‘dock’ in popup menu, but ship only warps to the station. I need to select station again and press ‘dock’ button again.

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