Ships won't stop aligning to a point in space straight down

In the abyss, my ships will periodically fly where I tell them to, then randomly and for very sustained durations, will orient almost straight down and just keep flying that way, ignoring, or immediately overriding any commands I issue. I can click on the transfer conduit and literally spam click “approach” as fast as I can, and it’ll just keep switching back to aligning to a point in space and flying straight there. Problem is happening across multiple clients and persisting across client restarts. Direction of forced travel is almost exactly straight down. For some reason, the problem does not persist 100% of the time, but comes on in bouts, then going away. problem is happening more often than not for me.

Update: The problem is also happening to me in regular space, in highsec. I can confirm that the problem only seems to happen when the client is active. Unplugging my keyboard just in case had no effect, the ship still turns and persists in flying straight down, irrespective of where the screen is facing.


Sticky keyboard?

I’m not aware of any hotkey that will make the ship fly straight down. I’ve been playing on tranq tonight, this issue didn’t show up until I downloaded the new sisi patch and hopped over to sing

Make sure you file a bug report in-game, as that’s what will give devs the information needed to research this.

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Huh - I thought it was some oddity on my system that would cause it. Definitely ran into this issue twice in the past few months.


i’ve heard o people have similar problems in the arena (ship keeps flying in one direction in spite of players trying to change direction). don’t know i the issues are related or not, but it definitely sounds like the problem is with the game, and not your system.

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