Movement bug, looking for other expierience

Yesterday I encountered a bug making (risky) playing impossible. Two times on random the game stopped executing move commands (approach, align, keep range, orbit) properly, instead the game aligned and propelled my ship straight down from the tactical plain. No other way than relog to fix it. Haven’t seen before and I’m playing almost every day.

I will certainly create a bug report if I see it again this evening, but want to know if I’m not alone with it, as it is game breaking. Luckily it only resulted in me missing out kills and not losing my ship so far.

Happened to me a couple of times as well. I believe I even mentioned that in one of the Known Issue topics for a past patch because it happened repeatedly and consistently shortly after patch deployment. After a while, it stopped on its own. :person_shrugging:

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Its not a bug, i can remember that a former corp member had the same issues and ccp said via ticket thats not a bug or a ccp problem. Badly i cant remember how he fixed this problem but it was on the player side.

CCP telling you something is not a bug is akin to Boeing telling its customers that losing cabin doors or gear wheels are features, not problems.

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That’s when it happened to me.

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But it wasnt on ccp’s side ! Like i said… i cant remember how he fixed it but it never happend again.

I was fearing that, as if it would be wide spread the outcry would be loud …

The more eve online that I consume the better New Eden becomes.

Just blizts a level 4 mission and these npc factions thanked me.

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Might be the client losing focus, if you have other stuff (if even just the launcher or a browser) and this happens to you again then click/cycle through the active items on your task bar, then go back to the EVE client and see if it suddenly works again.

If so that’s an issue with your windows, it could be explorer grabbing focus or some other program or executable. You can force this behaviour by having several clients open to then close one, if you have this issue then the remaining client will “freeze” until you do the whole task bar routine again.

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Thanks, I will check this, could be that I was having other windows on top before it happened (I’m a one monitor only setup peasant), not sure. Wondering what changed, because I’m doing that all the time without issue.

Something similar happened to me today twice. Somehow the target I was locked on to and was approaching changed to something else to approach. I thought maybe I accidently clicked, so I ignored it. But it happened again and I know I didn’t accidently click.