CCP, when you fix incorrect commands?

Recently, i buy second monitor, aaand my problems with incorrect command increased exponentially. When my ship doing something on one monitor (in video settings i choose “fixed window”), but i do something in another monitor - for example in browser, eve client consider, that i send some comand, and my ship begin move in random course (when orbiting or ship was stopping). Do you planned fixed this … bug? i wrote petiton recently.

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I run multiple clients on multiple monitors and I’ve never seen this happen, neither have I seen anything like it reported here before. What operating system are you running, and do you run any utility software that redirects (for iinstance) particular keyboard or mouse actions ?

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Agreed, it sounds more like a ‘window focus’ issue (assuming Windows OS), or rather the wrong window had focus, which caused the issue.



I’ve had this issue in linux, several times, where the signal from the OS that one window lost focus seemed to not be correctly transmitted, resulting in both eve windows reacting to the keyboard command, or one reacting to partial commands ( I think that is what made me lose several ships).

Been a year I think since this has not occured though. I think updating my graphic drivers did it.

An example of that is whan I was dual boxing burners ship, one was doing a team burner in a garmur, so I set orbit, and start shooting, and the other one was doing an intense activity one (eg base serpentis), after a while on playing on the second, the team burner ships started to spin on itself. I’ve lost 3 ships for this I think, one reimbursed by CCP(edit : no, the one reimbursed was because the game just randomly switched the orbit range for this ship), and I also saved several by just switching back to the team burner then pressing alt tab twice , then ctrl, alt, maj to force them being “unpushed” and finally double clicking in space . If I forgot one of those, the ship would follow my orders, then start spinning again. Also other ships it happened but since my fit are very safe it’s not an issue as it was for anomic team missions.

rofl I just had this issue again … started alt, main does not follow the orders the moment the alt screen is present (even though main still has focus) ; it actually was keeping “ctrl” key even though I had not pressed it . So I press ctrl, start the fight, then I log in the alt : no more control again. My modules go all OL. It was considering I was pressing maj even though I did not. So I pressed maj and it went alrighty. did not lose a ship, just had to repair, but was a bit worried.

I reproduced this bug.

So, we have 2 monitors, one monitor with eve, second monitor with browser, and for example, youtube tab. Move cursor from eve screen to browser screen, try rewind video, without click on browser and focus on browser window. VNI, which was orbit, begin move to space, but mouse located on another screen/window app, game consider that cursor on the edge window.

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