(FIXED) Problem with Dual Monitor, was working and something changed

So, long story short, I have 2 17in 1440x900 monitors, identical, and I have the RX460 4GB. I have been playing without problems, running 3 clients, one in my 2nd monitor 2 on the main one, no problems, everything was working fine.

Then, a few days back, maybe at most a week, I had a weird problem in which my client running on the 2nd monitor ‘locked’ and I culdnt click on anything, so I had to use force kill to close it. At first I didnt give it much thought, but right now I tried again and it wouldnt work, I cant choose a character. I thought maybe some weird settings on that account were problematic, but then I moved the client to the 1st monitor, and surprise, I can move the mouse and I can select any of the 3 chars that the account has, but when I move it back to the 2nd monitor, I cannot choose not one.

Decided to do something different, I positioned the client between them 2 monitors, and then I can choose between the 1, and the 2nd which is almost at the middile, but the 3rd one I cant choose. So, you would think, easy, move the client to the 1st monitor, choose and then position on the 2nd monitor, yes, I can do that, but I cannot interact with the client at all, I can only grab from top and move the window.

I also tried with my another of my clients, and it seems that EVE clients only work on the 1st monitor now, on the second I can use a browser, and the launcher, or a music player, but no game client will work on the 2nd monitor.

I’m completely baffled and I have no idea what may have changed in the meantime. Worse, I cant even say when the first glitch happened, because I dont remember :frowning:

I’ve read the forums and done a google search, nothing yet so far about my situation. I’ve read people had problems with the 2nd monitor but I get none of those problems. I run all clients on fixed window, interval one and give or take the same settings, no AA, all clients at MED/HIGH/HIGH and it used to work fine.

I have even done the extend one client to use both monitors and it worked fine… mmmm then, I dont remember doing it again after the glitch, Let me try again. HAHA, now it doesnt work anymore neither, the 2nd monitor completely locks up and doenst update the client to the two monitors.

But it had been working because I had played into the abyss and taken a lot of super ultra wide pictures with the Control F9 and print screen. Anyone have an idea of what may be? Are you guys able to still play on the 2nd monitor?

Amd APU A8-5600K (yes, still works), RX-460 4GB, 8GB RAM 1866mhz, 120GB SSD Ubuntu Mate 16.04.5

Yes, the APU is running at 25C :slight_smile:

So that last picture was taken on January 4th… I wonder what changed since.

PS: I should add that for some odd reason, the 2nd monitor doesnt always work, seems that it takes ‘him’ awhile to be ready, so I have a monitor config shortcut so I can quickly disable the 2nd monitor, and enable soon as I see that its working again. It has been like this since I put it to work, and every time before january 4, I could extend either the main client or have it one one window with an alt on the 2nd one and working fine, so even though the monitor is not that well… is not really the problem.

And that means that often when I shut down or restart, the 2nd monitor will stop working and will take awhile to enable himself. Right now, I remember having a few days back… started using again wallch to change my wallpaper automatically everytime the system starts, so I just got rid of it again, and if after the restart the monitor works, then I’ll report how is behaving.

FIXED: Wallch was the culprit. Took it out of the load on start up, restarted, the monitor did work after restart, suprisingly, and I can interact with clients agai and even run with the client extended between the 2 monitors. Happiness again.

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