Display flickering on dual monitor setup

Hi guys, I’m used to run eve’s two clients on one monitor each (well, there’s a third LCD displaying web, NEAR or whatever). Both clients are set up in a fullscreen window mode. It worked fine on win 7, but I decided to upgrade to windows 10. Did an update, created a recovery usb install drive, did a clean install…
Now the problems begun. When I’m using the client on the secondary monitor, everything works fine. But, when I jump to my primary LCD, the secondary one starts to flicker heavily. To make it clear, I made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdNPlP21uAc
(the issue becomes more obvious at the end of the video). Did someone encounter this issue? The internet did not help me, maybe somebody here will :slight_smile: thanks in advance

I tried everything what came to my mind, reinstalling drivers, playing with settings in eve, tried almost every option in nvidia drivers etc.

yes, all drivers are up to date, and no, the pc is not overclocked for those who think it matters. Any clues? :slight_smile:

This! I have this! make it STOP!!!

It doesn’t seem to be limited to a single monitor, it will happen randomly to one of the other. If I’m in space it results in blinding strobe like bright light. Just started maybe a weak ago? no idea why. No idea how to stop it. I swear nothing about my system has changed.

It is super annoying. swaping clients around doesn’t stop it. Once it is going it goes for a while. A mixture of minimizing and atl tbing around can fix it, but can’t figure out a reliable sequence.

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