"Fix" for game freezing on macOS w/multiple monitors

I experience the occasional freezing of the game client on macOS (as do others), usually several times per day. However, I’ve found a “fix” for the issue, which may help others as well.

I run EVE on a second monitor in windowed mode. If you do too, then this may help you.

When the game client freezes, do the following to unfreeze it:

  1. Drag the game window from your secondary monitor to your primary monitor
  2. If step 1 is not sufficient, resize the EVE client window until it fits entirely within your primary monitor (if, for example, your primary monitor has a lower resolution than your secondary monitor)

This has successfully unfrozen the game client 100% of the time for me in the last few days that I’ve been trying it.

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I am finding that the freeze is predictable and reproducible.

  1. Log in two characters in windowed mode.
  2. Start to play one character and make sure it is ok.
  3. Then select the window for the other character by clicking on the title bar.
  4. Observe that the other character’s window has now frozen. BUG

This happened every time I use the title bar to switch from one character to another. To unfreeze just click on the title bar again and just move the window slightly. This is a simple work around but its driving me crazy, I have had 30 years muscle memory which makes me always click on the title bar to change windows.

Now this is predictable I live in hope that CCP will fix it.


@Stephen_Cheriton That’s brilliant!. By the way, I found that my Eve window freezes if I click away onto any other type of window - say, a browser, for example. Would definitely help if this could be fixed CCPlease.

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