EVE keeps freezing/crashing

Hi all o7,

Let me start off by saying that I couldn’t really find the right forum/sub to post this in and that I’ve already submitted a ticket about this issue without any response.

Since 2 days my EVE client keeps randomly freezin over. When it does, I can alt-tab trough all the other programs and background programs keep working fine, however no matter what I do EVE stays on top. I am therefore unable to enter task manager and have to do a reboot in order to get EVE to shut down. This happens everywhere between 0 and 10 minutes after starting the client. I have not been able to link it to any action. It also freezes when I only run EVE.

Ive verified the cache files, did a full virus scan, looked for any quarantained EVE files, complete defrag of all HDDs, checked all drivers but none have updated in the last weeks or have a recent update available. I even did a complete un- and reinstall of the EVE client without any succes.

On the ticket I submitted I also attacked a DxDiag and LogLite file of one of the freezes.

Anybody have some mind-boggling advice on how to fix this?

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Interestingly, when the client loses connection and cannot get it back it often just “pretends” to keep going but doesn’t allow you to actually do anything. You will still see shooting but get no damage updates etc. Often the client refuses to close until minutes later. I’ve found teh best way to solve that particular issue is to attempt a session change, like undocking, docking or jumping etc. This tends to poke the client into realizing it’s lost connection and giving you the socket closed box which allows you to close the client.

Couple of friends as well as me have experienced client issues last few days so I don’t think you’re alone.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I am not able to ‘click’ anything in EVE anymore, so I can’t really perform a session change.


Are you on Linux ? I get this sometimes, always assumed it was a Linux thing. When it happens to me I have to use the Linux equivalent of Task Manager to kill the program but, having done so, I can log-on again immediately. My main problem with this issue is that I don’t know it’s happened until I try and do something that needs to ‘phone home’.

A bit late but it started happening to me.

I found this on reddit :
FIX: Disable Windows 10 Game bar. Even though you don’t have it recording, it still makes a fuckery of things.

  1. WinKey+X

  2. Settings

  3. Gaming

  4. Turn off “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”

It worked for me so far.
It worked 3 hours

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Any updates to this? I just started having this problem yesterday.

I don’t think it’s the Windows 10 Game bar or Mumble. It just happened to me with both of those no running.

I’m having the same problem. I also tried disabling the game bar and things were fine for a day or two, then it happened twice today, about an hour apart.

I could ctrl+alt+delete to get at the task manager, but once that was open I couldn’t access it because the frozen eve client forced itself to the top, no matter what I did.

I eventually did a ctrl+alt+delete and signed out then signed back in again to get my computer back.

If it had happened 10 mins earlier I’d have lost my ship.

I’m having the exact same problem, and I had to do the exact same thing to close the client.

I left the game on for several hours today while in Fixed Window mode and it didn’t freeze. It seems to freeze when in Fullscreen mode for me.

Tried to dock in Amarr and client crashed nicely - game closed. Recovered after restart but I am uninstalling after 6 years old player ganked me while mining. I don’t need the aggravation. A -10 player can fly freely around in a top security system? You must be kidding me. Glad I wasted only a day playing this game.

I guess that, as you’ve only been playing Eve for one day, it’s not worth asking if can have your stuff ?

I must admit to being surprised that a 1-day-old player knows quite so much about Eve though, I didn’t know about security levels until I’d been on at least a couple of weeks.

What could you possibly of lost, after a day, that had high enough value to complain about being ganked? It’s hilarious that someone wants to play a game where all they do is shoot lasers at asteroids, and have all risk removed. Does XBox have a “watch paint dry” game now? The best mechanic of Eve Online is that it drives away players who don’t have the patience and drive to learn.

I have been experiencing everything mentioned in the thread so far. I switched from Fullscreen to Fixed Window mode as Zkadon mentioned. So far I’ve been running EVE for 48 minutes without a problem. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: That seems to have fixed it.

Seems the symptom of a client freeze starts happening when the client and the Windows desktop start flipping back and forth. I’m trying Windowed mode as well, let’s see.

This seemed to solve it for me. I got these instructions from Senior GM Mechanic.

Start the launcher.
Click on open Settings.
Click on shared cache settings.
Click on show in explorer.
Open TQ folder
Open Bin folder.
Select Exefile.exe and then right click Exefile.exe and select properties.
Under the compatibility tab tick Disable fullscreen optimizations.
Click apply and then ok. Run the game again and see if the issue persists.

Best Regards,
Senior GM Mechanic
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Just lost a full set of fighters thanks to this glitch! It has started recently and is probably linked to the September update. Please check and fix!

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