Client Goes Not Responding

Greetings to all,

Is anyone having issues with your client going Not Responding? I’m just sitting in a station and poof, Not Responding. I relaunched the client with logging turned on and there isn’t an obvious reason that I can see. Same for the Windows events. There is an application hung error but no real information.
This is something new as I haven’t seen this issue before. Yesterday, EVE was working just fine. No patches were installed. Rebooted a number of times, no luck. Running on a Windows 10 with AMD Threadripper 1900X with 16g.

Let me know and thanks!


One thing I forgot to mention, the amount of time is variable. I can launch 5 clients and 2 of them will go not responding and the other will work for a little while but eventually will also bomb out.

I have a ticket in with customer support for a similar issue.

Controls slow and eventually cease responding. Sometimes can’t Alt/Tab, Esc, or Ctrl/Alt/Del to exit. Even if Ctrl/Alt/Del works and I shut down EVE, system is unstable and reboot required.

First occurred after Nvdia driver update to 2018 version from 2017, Rolled back to previous, which seemed to work for 2 weeks- but freeze/crash is back.

Customer support analysis of Loglite files indicates a graphics card problem.

I have the same issue, but also having connection issues so looking at this with the ISP sending engineer

Starting this weekend I’ve also started experiencing EVE Client freezes. It’ll be 10 minutes or so of normal game behaviour and then suddenly everything freezes and I can see from Alt Tabbing to Task Manager that it’s ‘Not responding’. Of course, the game freezed in such a way that I have to reset the whole PC to close the frozen client.

What is going on, CCP?

Exact same.
Win 10 also. But I do have a workaround to allow you to close if you cant get Alt-Tab or CTRL-Alt_Del to work. Press Windows Key and Tab. You get your running apps but at the top uyou can switch between desktops. Open a new opn a run Task Manager from there you can always close the crashed client from there.

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Some players have reported that turning off Mumble overlay stops the client freezes, if you guys have Mumble running then that might be something you could try turning off to see if the issue persists.

Anyone tried a complete reinstall?

I tried reinstall. Doesn’t help.

Yeah same. Game has become unplayable for me. Can’t even play for 5 minutes before it crashes again.

I thought that might be the issue but its been happening when mumble wasnt running today. I just spotted that my win key wont open the start menu and that means its gonna eventually happen. Gonna try running in windowed mode.

Im not even running Mumble or discord or anything. Game won’t run for longer than five minutes.

Right after 3 days of not getting more than 5 minutes after i switched to windowed mode Im crash free so far after an hour. Its something that happens only the client running in fullscreen mode. (For me anyway.)

Might be a work around until a proper fix is found.

Same issue?

^ I was in windowed mode.

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