System frozen/unresponsive

I presume the last 5 minutes of my game being totally unresponsive to commands, mu scanning icons disappearing the HUD, unable to move/warp using UI or hotkeys, has affected everyone - as my connection was lost just as I was discussing this with a Corpie. The chat boxes seemed to be the only thing that was working.

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Yep had to kill the eve task and login again


Thanks Yberta - I couldn’t see any posts about it until after I posted this - main thread is under TQ Down.

Resolution: log off, restart Eve client and log back in as normal, normal service resumed upon login.

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Np, If there are system probs this close to DT I won’t play til server reboot. I only relogged cos I was flashy yellow and stuck at a gate :slight_smile:

16,000 players got kicked.

I was in the abyss. Thanks CCP

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Need to BM that one I can see, thanks.

You do get that internet hiccups are usually nothing to do with CCP right

I got that anything can be justified by the hiccups of the Internet

Also, I have no problems in other projects, obviously they just do not cause hiccups on the Internet

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File a support ticket. I’ve heard that they will in fact sometimes reimburse ships lost in the abyss if it happened at the same time as a known server issue.

They are silent about it. And most likely, as usual, they will refer to the problems on the side of the players, the intrigues of Cthulhu or whatever, just not to admit the problems. I have already written a ticket. will see…

lost 500kk. I am a noob and this is a significant loss for me…

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