Hey guys,

Tranquility will be coming down immediately for a short noticed unscheduled restart due to a database issue.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We’ll be up and running again as soon as possible, and will provide more updates in this thread as soon as we can!

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00:30 UTC

Tranquility is currently in the process of being taken offline for an unscheduled reboot due to a database issue. More information as soon as we have it!

00:45 UTC

We’re currently in the process of bringing Tranquility offline and checking the cluster for issues. Apologies for the disruption. No ETA for restart at this stage.

01:00 UTC

Tranquility is now online in VIP mode while we check the cluster over and make sure that the database is performing correctly.

01:05 UTC

The cluster is now back online and accepting connections. Spaceship shenanigans are once again a go!



I have a launch group, 100mb Internet that tests OK, and after logging in and being stuck trying to dock, I closed all accounts and tried logging back in - it stays on Authenticating, before character selection.

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Same here, it just stopped working while playing. Closed account, and getting same error

This is getting to be a common issue

Having the same problem.

Am in game, but everything is misbehaving.

Same here. Eve is obviously dying.

Eve is big dead.

Just got stuck in a gate and had to force a log off with the task manager.

I demand skill points!


FFS - AGAIN, running t5’s and i was in one.

Damn you CCP.


The servers went kafoo right when I clicked login.

so it’s your fault…thanks a lot.

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Same problem. Forces me to open a box of wine; EVE isn’t worth the good stuff anymore.

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You aren’t missing anything if you can’t login - running clients are completely unresponsive.

Well I was in a filament…

I just jumped in but didn’t load, no KM so might be ok in my site, if I can ever login

File a petition after Eve starts working again if you lose your ship.

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unresponsive is good I was undocking when it died so maybe no one can kill me