2019/06/24 - DATABASE ISSUES

Hey guys,

Tranquility is currently suffering from a database issue that’s necessitated shutdown of the cluster while we resolve the problem.

Work is currently ongoing to square things away and we’ll hopefully be back up and running as soon as possible.

Updates will be provided in this thread as soon as we have them.

Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing!

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16:00 UTC

Tranquility is currently experiencing database issues. Server will be coming down for a restart soon.

16:15 UTC

Tranquility has been taken offline for a fast unscheduled reboot to hopefully resolve the issue!

16:20 UTC

Tranquility is now back online in VIP mode while we faultfind, hopefully we’ll be back online soon!

16:25 UTC

The cluster is online and accepting connections, we’re currently monitoring performance.


Hey everyone,

just checking to see if anyone else is having problems,
everything suddenly froze and i can’t reconnect , it says there is a server error


same problem

Yep, ship stuck in space not completing cycles. Can’t log back in.

Can‘t Dock

stuck in jump from pakshi to tar

Saw another tread showing log in issues as well. My drones are braindead and nothing is responding…

Market broke, contract broke, cant jump or undock… cant pew, cant rat…

But hey GOOD NEWS is chats working :smiley:


Same issue. Can’t log in due to timeout

Docked up and staring at a black screen.

I was in the Abyss… space pancake time!

and finally disconnected during jump

same here, cant login. black screen.

@CCP_Falcon any updates?

Same here

I WAS trying to dock up when…

Connection Lost - A server process that you were using has gone offline

Stuck in abyss (2nd room- 7th min) with isthar worth 2 bill. Just great!

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You can start writing ticket.