Client laucher not responding

Hi , since this morning the when the click the eve client it tries to load then i get the programme no responsive message and have to close the window

Logging on this morning I got a message to update launcher client, this action just hung and would not finish. I attempted a reinstall of the launcher, this didn’t work. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game itself. Launcher is still hanging and will not complete, task manager shows the program at 0 cpu, 24 mem. What broke…?

Same here. Since the latest launcher update, my launcher won’t start at all. Using Proton, so I’m assuming this might be a new issue for Mac/Linux users.

Me too but I am using Win 10 64b

I’ve even gone into the firewall and AV settings to be sure the program has rights and run as admin. Was working fine last night, so what ever was done with that update including what’s now currently on the website as an installer package seems to be the issue, new launcher installs but freezes on attempting to launch. Hoping to hear something today.
I have 3 Omega accounts I need to work with…

Did someone solve the problem already ? I have same problem, I am afraid there is no solution working for me for this moment.

Issue resolved . aspect issue with duel screens

No fix yet for me yet. Sent launcherlog and dxdiag per the ticket request. I keep getting a message on attempting to reinstall (after removing all Eve/CCP files and folders with hidden/files shown) and it keeps telling me there is a c:\Eve\Sharedcache folder from a previous install (no, I removed, emptied recycle bin, rebooted, checked to be sure this folder was not still on the machine). So…

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