New patch: launcher wont boot client?

Hi , ive used a linux computer for eve for a long time now and it usually patches fine , but this last sharp shooter patch has stopped my client from opening when the launcher tells it too ? I really dont think this is an issue with my set up and ccp arent being helpful at all , i was playing eve hours before the patch perfectly fine now it just doesnt load the icon on the launcher ses its trying but nothing loads up

Same issue here on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon (Kernel 5.3.0-46-generic) since this last major patch. The launcher works fine, ‘exefile.exe’ appears in the list of tasks but stays at 5% CPU load indefinitely. So the problem, at least on my end, is not that the launcher does not start the client but that the client itself does not start.

I’ll look into the logging features of the client next weekend if the problem persists so I can provide some more accurate information. So far I have tried the ‘verify shared cache’ feature of the launcher, with no success.

Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon (Kernel 5.3.0-46-generic)
Eve launcher version: 1548102
Client version: 1707510
‘Use custom Wine’ is enabled, using the system’s Wine 4.0

Indeed its the client failing to start , the log files show launcher goes threw the process and then stops and the client at that point should load up but never comes, i had put in support tickets and sent ccp all the log files that clearly show wine is working and it was the client failing to start and the launcher working fine they werent interested. ive tinkered with everything my end and nothing makes a difference, ive reinstalled wine reinstalled eve played with every setting tried to connect to singularity you name it ive tried it and nothing helps so i desubscribed from eve till they fix it or indefinitely

like i had said to ccp before being told they dont serve linux and he will ‘prod’ the gm who does try , with this new patch they have added some sort of code into the launcher or client that has some requirement or dependance that wine can not do , im surprised more linux users arent talking , maybe we share the same graphics or cpu core or something ? and everyone else on linux is ok ? whats your computer ?

Hm, that is unfortunate. I am just guessing here but perhaps other linux users are on steam and use proton instead of wine?
I don’t think it is hardware related but my CPU is a Ryzen 3700 and I have an ATI RX570 Graphicscard installed at the moment.
Has the Linux GM been made aware of this thread so that hey may get in touch with everyone who is experiencing this issue?

It works in my ubuntu 19.10 with crossover office. I have a bug with latest version: ships don’t show.

Any news on this matter from the GM or a recommended course of action? In part due to this issue my interest in Eve has subsided once more. When I come back I’ll probably try a newer Wine version.
I am aware that there is no official linux support but I’m tagging this as #bug-reporting anyway in order to draw attention of the unofficial linux support to this.

I’ve been having very intermittent issues launching the client itself for the last month or so. Sometimes it would launch exefile.exe just fine, other times it would take a steam close/open and then it would work. Today it wouldn’t go after any of the usual cajoling.
Had to back down to force proton 4.11-13 to get it going.
Was previously on proton 5.0-7. Whatever the hell ‘Steam Linux Runtime’ chooses for version…it didn’t work either.

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