Sudden launcher update 2410154

I know you are not supporting Linux, and you are, apparently, making an effort to help us old geezers with Linux. But can you please ask some of us in Linux community, and you can collect data on who is using Linux from the clients on your end, to test stuff before sticking it live?

New forced launcher update made game unplayable as launcher updater.exe fill always fail, under wine.
As for the new beta, I tested that through steam/proton and wine-staging and performance is waaaay lower than on wine itself.

For those Linux users out there, if you understand the issue, or have a possible solution post it here.

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Launcher version 2410154 is working fine for me. Wine-8.19 Staging under Kubuntu 23.10

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Did you update it through designed launcher update from CCP or you installed it fresh?

Working fine for me - Winehq-devel on Kubuntu 22.04
Just let the launcher do it’s own update. All happy.

Did update through launcher update. Not going to lie, I am worried every time that happens, but it did not break so far :grimacing:

Yep, I know that feeling.
I’m already nervous about the 7th December when they migrate to the new (ex-beta) launcher.

On the upside, I’ve got the new launcher running through Steam - which gives me alternative access if I need it.

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Thank you, this is what I came here to find out.

I’m still using Win 7, but on the 7th of Dec that won’t be an option anymore. As such, I’ll have to either use my Linux PC (Linux Mint, Debian branch) or stop playing EvE. I was worried that update might affect Linux usage as well, but this put me at ease (even though I hate Steam with a passion, it has it’s uses).

Cheers from Romania!

I am running Arch Linux and after the most recent launcher update my client is now completely unplayable. 3 seperate omega accounts and 6 toons and i cannot login to the game at all lol. Usually i end up having to wait for the Proton team to make updates to the proton release and that seems to fix issues alot of the time but it would be nice to have options to rollback launcher updates.

There are currently no particular problems (see 1-2 below)
However, there was a problem where wineprefix was periodically destroyed, so
I was re-creating wineprefix regularly
The cause of wineprefix destruction could not be determined

3 ways to run eve online

  1. Only wine including winestaging, proton-GE, etc.
  2. Wine including Lutris+proton-GE and wineestaging
  3. steam+ptoron-GE

I think it is necessary to at least show what kind of environment you are operating it in.

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