April 2023 Beta Launcher Test Thread

Just starting the thread. I don’t have much to contribute at this moment as I haven’t figured out how to get steam to fire up a single Setup.exe. Will test more steam-based soon, as well as straight wine with the laptop later.
Please post your experience/hacks below.


It is indeed strange, that you can’t get the new „Beta“ launcher by enabling the beta version in the launcher … naming confusion for the win :wink:

So first attempt at installing new launcher gives me an error like this

I just ran ‘wine eve-online-latest.exe’ without going sudo or root on my machine.

Cannot figure out how its thinking I am running it as Admin at all

confirm. waiting updates

wine-staging-8.6.1 (latest in Gentoo repo), fresh wineprefix

As i understood, problem with wine-proton, because it use built-in “steamuser” with admin role. wine-vanilla and wine-staging usually use ~/ owner as user (with symlincs to Documents, Downloads, etc)

wine-proton has better performance, so, time to testing last wine-staging.

UPD. new launcher file now in drive_c/users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/eve-online

UPD2. FPS still lower than wine-proton, 35-50 on GTX1060 with 6GB (DX12)

UPD3. if CCP read this topic, please add exception steamuser and possibility run as admin


Good testing legolas. Yeah the error about admin is pretty bogus. A little exception hack into the installer code would probably be harmless.

anyone else tested?

YES! But i am also relearning Linux its self. I hope to soak up this thread, :slight_smile:

Launcher starts with the latest wine-staging alone, but when I add dxvk-2.2, it starts crashing with some JS errors:


Or it’s not the dxvk, and probably just trying to start it a second time, as I disabled dxvk libs and it still wouldn’t launch

Apparently it’s something with PlayOnLinux as I can run the same exe just from the command line

And now it just shows half-rendered window and then crashes. After several attempts started OK.

Again, just a half rendered window with no luck this time

If I disable DXVK libraries just for the launcher (set them to builtin) then it appears to be working, it doesn’t have transparency, but it’s just cosmetic. Also, launcher CPU usage gone much down with builtin libraries.

So, i found way to launch new beta launcher under wine-proton.

As i understood wine-vanilla (tested 8.0.1) and wine-proton (tested 8.0.3c) has problems with detect user, and launcher installer thinking about it running with “admin role” in Windows terminology. In Gentoo i can use slots for different wine versions and fast switching between them, i don’t known how situation with it in other distros.

Okay, installing wine-staging 8.0 and wine-proton-8.0.3c (i’m trying use similar versions to not get unexpected bugs connected with versions.

Making new fresh prefix, using wine-staging as default “wine” for initial launcher install. Launcher ask about “where i must instlall game files”, i skip it with default path C:\CCP\EVE Online.

Launcher installed (for me) in


(i usually use wineprefixes in ~/.wine/ directory)

After install Launcher download own files, ~200 mb, installed them, and start downloading game client. Close launcher at this moment

After closing i checked no wine proccess (just in case) and switching to wine-proton as default “wine”. After it run winecfg to generate/change required files in C:\windows, and run

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine/eve/ wine ~/.wine/eve/drive_c/users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/eve-online/eve-online.exe

Launcher asking me about game file path (again, i don’t known why), i don’t changed them, launcher continue downloading files.

P.S. in C:\users i got 2 users - named as my system and built-in steamuser. Some files saved in steamuser/AppData/Local/CCP/EVE/

Trying move launcher files to steamuser, and got error similar the one above with js errors.

Summary. bugged only NEW LAUNCHER INSTALLER, ccp is lazy [censored] [censored], can’t fix one small [censored] bug with ACL checking in installer during 3 months.

With a lot of manual changes i’m deceive launcher installer and got all files in one windows user [steamuser] directory.

  • Before running installer on wine-staging i remove symlinks (in prefix) from c:\user\USERNAME\ to ~/ via winetricks (see “change settings” menu)
  • After installing launcher and closing them i found all mentions my USERNAME in .reg files in eve WINEPREFIX and renamed them to steamuser
cat ./system.reg | sed -e s/USERNAME/steamuser/g > system.reg.new
cat ./userdef.reg | sed -e s/USERNAME/steamuser/g > userdef.reg.new
cat ./user.reg | sed -e s/USERNAME/steamuser/g > user.reg.new

after it delete old reg files and rename .new files to normal name.

  • in user.reg some changes need be fixed manually, because it going to Z:\home\USERNAME and must be revert back to your system username, because it path to files (there are about 10 of them)

  • Now you can rename your windows user in c:\users\ from your USERNAME to steamuser.

  • Switching to wine-proton, run winecfg, run launcher via

WINEPREFIX=~/.wine/eve/ wine ~/.wine/eve/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/Local/eve-online/eve-online.exe

(little remind about ~/.wine/eve/ my wineprefix to eve, you may have another)

CCP, why i’m fixing your work, no one pays me for this :thinking:



Also new launcher required msdelta (installed via winetricks) to possibility updating launcher

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I had succes installing the beta launcher using Lutris with this custom launcher script: eve-online-draft-8428-1691432403.yml - Pastebin.com

  • Edit the YAML script and replace $USER with your own user, otherwise installation might fail.
  • You will NEED Wine-staging to be able to install the Launcher - otherwise the installation will fail with the admin error as seen in posts above.
  • The executable path in the Lutris shortcut MUST be modified to point towards:
    (assuming you install Lutris games in /home/$USER/Games, otherwise change prefix accordingly)
  • I recommend to run the game using GloriousEggroll Wine-GE-Proton7-43 instead of Wine-staging used for installing.

don’t use exe file eve-online/app-0.3.4/eve-online.exe, use stub exe-file in root eve-online directory (it will try use latest launcher version (but can use if you have problems with launching))

So, now we have to run the new launcher… and its not working for me, I suppose Im not the only one. Fix seems a tad complicated :wink: Is the ol’ wine vulkan prefix install still work? I read the line about the other launcher… but how do I use it with steam? ;O

Does this script work with ubuntu… and will it work to install from scratch? (it doesnt seem to work so far… on ubuntu mate 20.04…)… it fails asking for a ‘runner’ but I dont see such field in the script…