April 2023 Beta Launcher Test Thread

Just starting the thread. I don’t have much to contribute at this moment as I haven’t figured out how to get steam to fire up a single Setup.exe. Will test more steam-based soon, as well as straight wine with the laptop later.
Please post your experience/hacks below.


It is indeed strange, that you can’t get the new „Beta“ launcher by enabling the beta version in the launcher … naming confusion for the win :wink:

So first attempt at installing new launcher gives me an error like this

I just ran ‘wine eve-online-latest.exe’ without going sudo or root on my machine.

Cannot figure out how its thinking I am running it as Admin at all

confirm. waiting updates

wine-staging-8.6.1 (latest in Gentoo repo), fresh wineprefix

As i understood, problem with wine-proton, because it use built-in “steamuser” with admin role. wine-vanilla and wine-staging usually use ~/ owner as user (with symlincs to Documents, Downloads, etc)

wine-proton has better performance, so, time to testing last wine-staging.

UPD. new launcher file now in drive_c/users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/eve-online

UPD2. FPS still lower than wine-proton, 35-50 on GTX1060 with 6GB (DX12)

UPD3. if CCP read this topic, please add exception steamuser and possibility run as admin


Good testing legolas. Yeah the error about admin is pretty bogus. A little exception hack into the installer code would probably be harmless.

anyone else tested?

YES! But i am also relearning Linux its self. I hope to soak up this thread, :slight_smile: