Game Client does not start

All of a sudden I can no longer start the game. Launcher opens, says starting client after i hit play and then nothing. started yesterday 09/28. I played earlier that day no issues. now, nothing. updated nivida drivers, rolled them back, updated again. deleted EvE and reinstalled. twice. deleted the cahce, etc. etc. nothing seems to work. anyone else having this issue?

PC. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G. 16GB RAM. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. Windows 11 version 22H2. 34" Ultrawide monitor. cant think of anything else that would matter.

Might be the problem. Eve doesnt like 11

I have the same problem…

I have the same issue any solutions ?

does anyone have a fix for this I’ve been trying forever

same here,
i got CCP logo then white screen…

i restarted several time and desactivated second screen…

has anyone got any info on this issue
i am close to an hour trying to get into the game
my launcher says it is starting the client but it doesnt actually start the game

I’m having the same issue… Every now and then by clicking the play/stop button a few times in a row I can get one client to open, but never more than one at a time and it takes hours to get it to work.

One thing I noticed is my launcher is running 32 bit- I thought it automatically migrated over so not sure if this is affecting it. Tried to run in “Windows 8 compatibility”- no dice. Opened a support ticket… 5 days and counting without response.

Anybody figure this out yet?

Sorry no fix found yet. I have the same issue, today after the break the game wont launch from the launcher. Deleted the cache folders, et cetera, still not starting up… Also opened a support ticket.

Same issue on a brand new laptop… I have spent 4 hours trying to figure it out and I am all out of ideas…

This morning the game started without any problems, didnt change anything from the day before. But after the maintenance break the game is again not starting…

I have a gaming laptop with 3070 and i7-11800H. I seem to have the same problem with crash code -1073740791 from LogLite. This problem must have been around for a long time and no one has solved it yet :frowning:

I found a solution to the problem on windows 11 !!! you need to disable the integrated graphics of the processor in the device manager inside windows 11.


I too am having a similar issue… Win11 RoG Strix Laptop RTX3080…

@Seotasr (OP) and @BE_COOLS have already provided a good description of the symptoms

Got the laptop back in Oct and out of the box, I installed EVE.

From that day to Dec, it took an average of about 10 tries to get one success per client (took half an hour just to collect daily rewards on 10 accounts)… yes, a pain, but was “playable” once the client was started.

Since this weekend Dec 4th, it took many more attempts to walk through my daily claim… since Tue, I have managed to start only 1 account twice out of 1000’s of attempts (I do not exaggerate). :frowning: You should be able to confirm this from logs on your side… look for “knicpaw”…

Full disclosure, I tend to keep the OS updated monthly (Win Upd) and check GPU drivers (integrated/discrete) are at the latest. No professional Antivirus at play… uninstalled McAfee after new-PC trial expired, and am using only Win Defender and Win Firewall.

I have attempted almost everything ever suggested on the internet, and to list just a few obvious ones… used Windows and Nvidia apps to force 3080 GPU… turned on/off almost every graphics/performance option, in almost every permutation… attempted suggestion in a report that HDR was a problem… also tried suggestions in thread that “EVE didn’t have permission to access GPU” (paraphrase)… I also attempted the suggestion above of disabling iGPU… un-/re-installed drivers, EVE game client, windows updates…
… nothing.

Q: Why does the exefile.exe start (pid and all), but do NOTHING? The process doesn’t connect to LogLite, doesn’t consume CPU/GPU, doesn’t create a “window”… just starts and does nothing… I don’t have windows tools to dig into truss or threads… it just sits there until killed.

Q: Is there a cmdline (“exefile.exe /args”) I can run (even if w/o SSO tokens or credentials) to force the binary do a minimal “POST” to connect to LogLite as quickly as possible and report what the problem is, or to log to the stdout/stderr/console (if run from CMD window) ?

Q: There used to be a “test-app” (??) which would assess your machines capabilities or test connectivity to see if EVE would run… is there a light-weight hello-eve I could try?

Anything, Anything would be helpful at this point… I have invested a lot of money into EVE already, and a even bought a new laptop (more powerful than my gaming rig) to enjoy the new graphics and content in Uprising … especially while on the road.

I am willing to perform most tests with clear instructions (barring a complete wipe at this point)… including to share screen on Discord (Knicpaw#0694), to try to fix this…

ASIDE: I work in software, and I don’t want to just “luck” into a combination of settings that “works”… I am willing to help put in the time/effort to identify the source of the issue, so a proper resolution can be found, and to have confidence the issue is “solved”.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide,

Knic o7

Just like to say this is still a problem that exists. This started happening in my desktop about two weeks ago after years of playing and 8 months on this particular PC. Takes about 30 clicks to get the same to launch. Super enjoyable.

If you haven’t already tried the solutions in: EVE Support - Game client does not start

If you are still having issues, you can submit a ticket to our help center:

Submit a Support Ticket

Be sure to add the following information:

Launcher logs

DxDiag / System Profiler

LogLite tool

without specific logs, its pretty difficult to understand what’s going on, so best to work with support directly with the above information provided.

To ALL, (and @Wes_Wyhunnan, @BE_COOLS, and (OP) @Seotasr)

Just to come full circle on my previous post reporting my problem…

I opened a ticket with Support (1959154, in case you have need to reference it…) and working with the wonderful GMs… we narrowed down my particular situation to being a conflict with my installation of Citrix Workspace App.

I use my Laptop for Work (when I travel), and EVE (during downtime). Although my symptoms did not present immediately, slowly my attempts to launch EVE Client took two clicks, then a few, and then eventually it took an hour to log into my 10 accounts just to collect my daily’s (not even time left to play)… and finally, end-Nov/early-Dec I would click 1000 times and no client would start.

In my ticket, all of the output that @ISD_Drew mentioned was collected and logged (in the ticket), and I offered to do any additional testing or deep dive inspection into my configuration to help resolve the issue… In the end, after completely uninstalling Citrix Workspace App, my clicks responded first time with an EVE Client. :smiley:

But, since I need my laptop for work, I had to reinstall Citrix (latest version ['22 Dec]) to see the results. Luckily, I am still able to launch EVE client with no issue. :+1:

But… :wink: … being who I am, I attempted to reproduce the issue with multiple installations of Citrix from as far back as Sept, and I tested different upgrade paths such as over-installing with newer full releases, or using the “check for updates” sysTray option… but I could not simulate the problem. Admittedly, the one variable out of my control was my Win11 Update/patching process (timing and content) of the monthly incremental patches from Sep to Dec for OS or .NET .

Best guess, it was a confluence of MS Win11 Patches and Citrix App Upgrades which contributed (over 3 months) to an unstable environment for EVE Launcher to be able to start the Client. Annoying that we weren’t able to say with confidence what the source of the conflict was, though it was a relief to not need to perform a scrub/rebuild of my laptop… :phew:

I realize this is my (bold/underscore/emphasis) experience, and your milage may vary… but if it helps even one other person searching the inter-web for answers, then I hope this feedback was worth it.

I wish for everyone to have a stress-/problem-free launch of EVE…

Fly Safe

Knic o7


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