Game Client does not start

All of a sudden I can no longer start the game. Launcher opens, says starting client after i hit play and then nothing. started yesterday 09/28. I played earlier that day no issues. now, nothing. updated nivida drivers, rolled them back, updated again. deleted EvE and reinstalled. twice. deleted the cahce, etc. etc. nothing seems to work. anyone else having this issue?

PC. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G. 16GB RAM. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. Windows 11 version 22H2. 34" Ultrawide monitor. cant think of anything else that would matter.

Might be the problem. Eve doesnt like 11

I have the same problem…

I have the same issue any solutions ?

does anyone have a fix for this I’ve been trying forever

same here,
i got CCP logo then white screen…

i restarted several time and desactivated second screen…

has anyone got any info on this issue
i am close to an hour trying to get into the game
my launcher says it is starting the client but it doesnt actually start the game

I’m having the same issue… Every now and then by clicking the play/stop button a few times in a row I can get one client to open, but never more than one at a time and it takes hours to get it to work.

One thing I noticed is my launcher is running 32 bit- I thought it automatically migrated over so not sure if this is affecting it. Tried to run in “Windows 8 compatibility”- no dice. Opened a support ticket… 5 days and counting without response.

Anybody figure this out yet?

Sorry no fix found yet. I have the same issue, today after the break the game wont launch from the launcher. Deleted the cache folders, et cetera, still not starting up… Also opened a support ticket.

Same issue on a brand new laptop… I have spent 4 hours trying to figure it out and I am all out of ideas…

This morning the game started without any problems, didnt change anything from the day before. But after the maintenance break the game is again not starting…

I have a gaming laptop with 3070 and i7-11800H. I seem to have the same problem with crash code -1073740791 from LogLite. This problem must have been around for a long time and no one has solved it yet :frowning:

I found a solution to the problem on windows 11 !!! you need to disable the integrated graphics of the processor in the device manager inside windows 11.