Launcher wont open , it just hangs at the CCP pop up then dies after a bit

ok so i have have only been playing a week or 2 and the other day the game would not work for me . i click the launcher icon , the CCP logo with the dots pops up and then nothing , it just sits there . and eventually dies . if i click on it is dies out as well .

it shows as a system process running but nothing . this has been going on for a couple days .
i tried installing into a new location , nothing i tried deleting all the old files off the hard drive including the eve online file in the registry then installing a fresh install and it is the same thing .
i am using the download from the eve online website if that makes any difference .
any help would be appreciated thanks

to follow up , i uninstalled again and reinstalled with steam and now the launcher brings up the game but the game wont start , all i get is a little black box in my task bar that just sits there .

Mine is doing the same, guess I’ll do some troubleshooting.

After doing a Reboot, launcher and client works.

I’m currently experiencing unbearable download speeds which I believe could have been the cause for others launcher not functioning properly.

I’m on a 1TB connection [currently averaging 800 up, 800 down] and download 29.92MB @ 13.09 KB/s and dropping.

I’ve restarted my machine, modem, and router, cleared all caches and confirmed download speeds with any other service are unaffected.

I am having the same issues I get the CCP logo with the dots pops up, then a white screen that hangs for 5 to 15 seconds. then the window closes. and nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. and re butted my computer several times.

Got same problem for over month, i played for long time then one day it just started to do this, i tried reinstall, update all the stuff in pc, registry trick and nothing works.