Eve not loading

I have a problem loading eve I see the ccp logo and thats it the launcher never comes up

any pointers here

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humm guess I am the only one with this problem was thinking of coming back but I guess EvE has answered NO.

You could try going to eveonline.com and submit a ticket. And I think I’ve seen others mention this.

What kind of rig are you using

I’ve had a small hiccup yesterday. I’m not sure how I had quit the launcher in the first place, but I couldn’t launch it again after that: the CCP logo would flash quickly and nothing else. Went to windows’ task manager, found a lingering eve launcher process in the background… killed it and all went back to normal.

I have a similar issue today, i start it, logo comes, window comes, then it says something about pursing files and it closes.

And that happens every time