Can't Open launcher

I took a break from Eve for a while, and came back to find the launcher unable to even start up. I launch the application, but a window never appears, and if i check the launcher it says “application not responding”. If I wait a while it closes on its own, and never reappears, so its not an update or anything. I already redownloaded the launcher, that doesn’t help. Any ideas?

It’s possible the issue is related to the launcher cache, please try the following:

  • Please press the windows key + R to open a run window.
  • Copy and paste the following into the run window and press enter.


  • Right click on the folder named ‘QtWebEngine’ and delete it.
  • Start the launcher and see if the issue persists.

I’m actually on a mac, so that wouldn’t work. Forgot to mention that, my bad.

I’m having exactly the same issue on my Mac. I was able to get in an hour ago, then a really bad client crash took my Mac with it. Once I restarted the Mac, and ran the Shared Cache verification (according to instructions from a GM), the launcher is now doing exactly as OP described. Starts launching for about a second, then goes idle with nothing else happening.

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