Freezing on Win 10

Had a massive problem with eve freezing and a blank screen running 64 bit client, reverted to Direct 9 still the same unplayable

So it sounds like an issue with your hardware ?

Am running win10 with 64bit client without issue (and have been since its release), fyi this is how my launcher is configured:


Same issue with my client, started same day as the OP, different OS. I didn’t experience any lag or crash, though, I simply played the game and logged off as usual. Next day before work I tried to log in after patching the client and I never make it to the character selection screen. I get the screen that says Logging in - “Done processing bulk data” and then a blank screen with the circle in the lower left corner that says “Resources Loading” when you mouse over it. I tried selecting download everything and running the client in 64-bit or not makes no difference.

Remove any third party (non-Windows) anti virus. Your Windows 10 antivirus will work 5 times harder if you have some outside antivirus installed.

I also have problem with EVE client freezing whenever I press alt+tab and back. After I get back to the game it freezes. Started to happen after installation of AMD Adrenalin 2020 driver edition (version 19.12.2). Did any of you with this freezing problems installed this driver recently?


Solved my issue, in the launcher I went to reset options and cache. I then verified my cache which purged any extra but also found 112 corrupt file and replaced them. Client working fine.

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I also solved my issue. Switched off Anti-Lag, Image Sharpening and Enhanced Sync in AMD Radeon settings. No more freeze! :sunglasses::muscle:

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