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I’ve got some issues with the game. After alt-tabbing to the other window e.g. Chrome and going back to the EVE window causes freeze that appears randomly. It started happening after changing to the AMD GPU from the NVIDIA GPU. It doesn’t matter if it’s DX11 or DX12. I’ve tried many things like changing options in AMD Adrenaline Control Panel. I don’t have this issue in other games. I’m playing in Fixed window mode which is better for my multi-tasking and on lowest settings. I’ve installed all drivers after removing old by DDU.

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One more issue is that AMD Radeon Chill is not working in game so I can’t limit game FPS to the value that I need, FRTC is bad because it causes input lag, only way that I’ve found at this moment is to limit it by the RTSS.

Would be great if anyone knows how to fix these issues because they are very annoying, especially freezing. I’m not sure if it’s driver issue.

CPU: i3 10105F
GPU: RX 6600 (Drivers 23.7.2)
RAM: 2x8GB (2666 MHz) DDR4
PSU: 550W
Monitor: AOC 24G2U (Freesync Premium available)

Thanks in advance!
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I run nvidia but just curious if setting AMD FSR 1.0 to off in eve Display & Graphics settings, is an improvement

Run your game in Borderless Window mode, that should fix the issue.

Actually I’m using Fixed Window mode which is Borderless.

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Seems like I’ve fixed the problem :slight_smile: Freesync was the issue, disabling it fixed the problem, I will try to disable it for application, but anyway, problem is solved! Thanks for help!

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