Perplexing Freezing Issue

Hi everyone…
I recently switched to another configuration than what i previously used to play eve, and even thou it’s more powerful, the game freezes 2-3 seconds every time I experience the following situations, then runs with 60 fps for 5-10 seconds, then freezes again for 2-3 seconds, etch…:

  • jumping gates
  • during battles (highest frequency)
  • asking for show info on stuff
  • switching between blueprints in the industry window.
    Basically all that require some sort of load. The game otherwise runs perfectly smooth with 58-63 fps on medium settings, and other, more demanding games in single player have no issues.

My configuration:
AMD FX 3.4 8 cores
16 GB Ram
Nvidia gtx 750 TI OC (january driver update, same as previous configuration that didn’t have these issues).
Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7 months old hd
650 W 42 amps brand new
win 10 with all upgrades
Video settings are: Everything low except shader and textures which are on medium. Not interested in glorious graphics, I’m aimed at fastest reaction and lowest tick, but the issue persists on potato mode also. I had NO such issues on my previous configuration with 3 clients running, 2 at same video settings and 1 in potato mode.
Previous configuration:
Intel Core 2Duo 3.2
Same Graphics Card, same drivers
Same HDD
6 GB Ram
650 w 32 amps PSU
Win 7

What I did, tried so far:

  • Win is fully updated
  • Drivers are updated to a very recent version that proved with no issues in Eve and win 10
  • CPU/GPU are both around 38-44 degrees temp, no struggle upon monitoring.
  • PSU is brand new, thought it might not be enough power, so o bough new one, but issue persists.
  • I run full window, full resolution interval one, so it’s not image stuttering between refresh rates.
  • HDD has been checked for bads, no problem there
  • I have stable internet connection - fiber optics cable right in the pc, no router, 80/90 mb/s speeds, and EVE is added in the firewall so no bottleneck there.
  • I use the transferred settings from the previous configuration on windows 7 (might this be a problem?). Indexes have been verified and parsed, cache has been reset.
  • the issue is just with EVE and only with those situations.
  • Background processes are not cluttered, there’s no load, even less than on previous configuration which had no issues. Windows 10 is fully tweaked.
  • No acting antivirus that eats all the resources or has shitty firewall.

Please help and share your ideas, I have sent a support ticket, but only got 1 reply in the last week, so that’s kinda slow. Game is unplayable for me as I get these freezes on all the meaningful moments.

i myself having the same problem as you, in the very same specific situations.
my pc is quite better than yours and even on the lowest settings, the freezing is almost the same as on highest settings…

i play since 2011 and never had such bad experience, its quite dangerous to even run l4 missions.
please fix :smiley:

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