Constant freezing and stalling

Hey first time posting on the forum :sweat_smile: for some reason my game keeps freezing and dropping frames even though.

  1. my system isn’t breaking a sweat
  2. turned the graphics settings down
  3. given the application high priority
  4. everything else is running completely fine with no problems at all the game is the only thing acting up

does anyone know the possible issue? thanks in advance.

Does this only happen with Eve, or do other applications misbehave too ?

It’s only eve that it is happening on. it seems turning off 64bit has fixed it mostly, i still get some freezing but it’s much better

since some days, after downtime, there is something changed in background of eve. it lags, if 2 weeks ago there were no problem to run 60 clients, now its impossible. it freezes and disconnect and the random rookie chat… you area utomaticly connected every time and the client numbers in this channel rise and rise with time up to 23000 users… ccp, pls uninstall chats complete or give us the old working chat system.

I have similar problem.

Its occurs only during Eve is running. The whole system freeze and only restart helps.

There is no notification in system event log. The Eve LogLite logs nothing. Normally the problem occurs after 1-2 hours but lately the system freeze after undock.

This is quite disturbing issue which result in some bad kill board positions. I have seen similar post on forum and most of them have no response/reaction from dev.

My computer is based on Intel server motherboard with two Xenons. The 48G RAM is server type with parity control. Windows 10. Radeon RX 580.

Till today everything was fine for me , after down time got the same problem, no way for play…

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