EVE locks hard at random think it may be down to GPU issues


In the following week ive just changed from using an Intel 4th Gen, very old in the tooth and could only run on low-medium settings. To an AMD Ryzen 3 3200g (b540) board with 1650 GTx 4gb , and 16 GB ram. The new system is not overclocked has all the latest drivers and temps for the CPU and GPU are great at 60 on the CPU , 70 on the GPU.

When I reinstalled EVE after an hour it locked hard, I run two monitors and I noticed it happened more when I switched from one monitor to another. I have managed to reduce the crashing by enabling Windowed mode and switching to Dx11, it then only happened once in 1 day. This is too often as I often ran very expensive ships and it puts me at risk.

What happens is eve freezes hard. I cannot end task, I have to press control alt del and restart the machine. I think the issue is to do with the VRAM or load on the GPU as I made it freeze ealier by going into the skins from the NES store.

I have now tried turning on VSync, this so far has hasnt crashed sinced and tried opening skins and the store. No crashing. At the moment I am at a complete loss.

  1. Ive now had to petition of loss of my Golem due to loosing this due to this bug. Whilst I know that this is a bug with the client and normally this is not covered by reimbursement, if its a known issue might CCP help me out and replace the ship. Any idea of the wait times for these petitions. Its frustrating as now I am having to sell off assets so I can actually play again.

  2. Has anyone experienced this problem. I have tried everything else like

closing background apps
running DSIM to check for currupt files.
repairing eve and verifying files.
Running all windows updates and drivers.
making sure there is no overclocking etc.
Loosing some of my hair.

Please help.

I had something similar happen around the era of your video card.

The only thing that fixed it was getting a newer video card. Absolutely nothing else fixed it.

The GPU is only 2-3 years old, I play on 1080p on two screens. I am now going to run on one client and I have reduced graphics to medium.

I cannot afford to buy a newer GPU right now. Prevoius to this I had a ati 550 rx which had no issues

Then go back to the 550rx, if you still have it. :person_shrugging:

I’m telling you my experience, and what it took to resolve it.