Many Random Client Freezes

The past week I’ve been having a lot of trouble with clients freezing at random. Doesn’t seem to matter if I have 1 running or 5 running. At some point anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours one of them will hard lock and I have to end task on it in task manager to make it go away. All the others will still be going just fine until a random amount of time later another one will lock up. There is no rythme or reason to which one it happens to or how long it takes or what I’m doing. There is no “crash” or message or anything. They just freeze. All drivers are up to date. This has only been happening for about a week. Any ideas?


I think I have narrowed this down to having my clients capped at 60 FPS in Nvidia Control Panel. I uncapped the FPS and haven’t seen a lockup since. However, when switching clients with them uncapped I get an EXTREMELY ANNOYING and dramatic FPS drop for about 1 second each time I switch to a different client.

I’m now trying to run the clients uncapped but limit my monitor refresh to 60 and so far it seems to be working with no lockups and no lag spikes. I’ll update this if I see another lockup.

Update 2: I just had another lockup but it seems to be happening a lot less since I made the above changes. I’m stumped at this point. I guess I’ll just have to wait for CCP or Nvidia to fix it.

gfx card is nvidia 2080. Still struggling with nvidia 496.76 and windows 11. Fleet fights are literally unplayable, esp. when dual boxing. 2nd Client freezes/becomes unresponsive in a matter of seconds. It looks like eve introduced a mem leak in one of the patches for me. Even with all brackets hidden and ctrl + shift + F9 the fps drops to below 1-2. Problem persists after verifying the cache.

Run lower settings? Roll back to a more stable version?

Thanks for your sacrifice

Recommended is W10

Perhaps if they drop W7/8/8.1, set the mininum to W10, they can free up more human resources and time to test W11.

See my topic on that here Time to make Windows 10 as *minimum* supported on Windows platforms

Run one client until you get a fix?

Show the memory and handle usage chart?

Isn’t NV’s DLSS suppost to allow higher FPS due to super sampling upscaling on their proprietary spacial and temporal neural network transformation from lower resolutions to higher resolutions?

It’s exclusive to RTX20/30 cards as far as I am aware, just as DX10 was exclusive to Vista :smirk:

Beware any technology that’s exclusive to a particular product edition.

Your post did add nothing but opinions. Please abstain from posting in the future unless you have any new insights or findings.

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