Frequent brief freezing of client. Far worse dualboxing. Awful in Jita 4-4

I get the game ‘freezing’ for 2-5 seconds, then a brief black screen and back it comes. It happens very occasionally flying, but is much more common in stations.
If I’m single boxing it happens very infrequently, but dual-boxing it’s worse.
With both clients flying it’s not bad, with one client docked it’s pretty rubbish (freezes maybe once a minute), and it’s far worse when both clients are docked in stations (happens every 20 - 30s or so).

If I go to Jita even single boxing, I can fly around fine with only very occasional freezes, but docked it happens every 10-20 seconds - it takes me ages to buy anything from market.

It makes me think it’s maybe network traffic related as it’s worse in busy systems, and when I look at Ethernet traffic via the Task Manager it seems to spike when I freeze.

I’m getting good broadband speed and it’s only Eve that has a problem - every other online game seems fine.
I have a 2080TI that isn’t breaking a sweat and a modern rig. Eve is configured as an exception in my firewall.

Any ideas?

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You might try turning off DX12 in the settings of the launcher.


Fixed it. Weirdly it was a cache issue - I relocated the cache folder and it’s fixed.

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