After the update in 14.10.2020 I cant play Eve

Hello o/,

After the update on 14.10.2020 game freezes 1 second sometimes more every 5 seconds wtf?
I play with video graphics on full, had no problem till now even with 3 clients opened.

I put all video graphics on low and it does the same thing, game freezes 1 second sometimes more every 5 seconds
Olso now Eve client takes 6gb of ram, before this update I used 3 clients at same time on full graphics and now bearly use 1 client and freezes 1 second sometimes more every 5 seconds.

Please help me play Eve again.

Thank you. o/

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Well, you’re not alone. Some other people have reported the similar problems here.

They seem to think the problem is server side and has something to do with audio.

You can try disabling audio to see if that helps. Obviously, it would suck not to hear alarms, and it’s only a temporary solution, but it might get you up and running until CCP fixes the issue.

If you think your problem is unrelated to the audio one, you should probably mention it in the official feedback thread. It also wouldn’t hurt to file a bug report and/or a support ticket.

And, please come back and tell us how this issue was ultimately resolved. It may help someone else.

Thank you for info, I will try it.
I sayed near a gate in astero decloked with 300mil loot in cargo around 15 seconds before i jumped out of sistem in lowsec

now the freezez are less frecvent alnd last longer


Has there been any official response to these reports ? Since the October update Eve is unplayable for me with frequent freezes and audio popping.


With audio a can play easy in wormholes, but in normal space I have to disable audio its unplayable

o/ Fly Safe

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