Game Intermittently Freezing?

As of today my game keeps intermittently experiencing sudden short freezes. It feels like an FPS drop but the in-game music stops with it so I don’t think its just my laptop suddenly pooping out. Did CCP break something with this update performance-wise?

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Yes, me as well. Seems to be audio related. I cut back on graphics quality and set Limit Active Sounds which has improved things but I still get audio drop-outs and momentary freeze now and again. Only since today’s patch just to be clear.


I am not amused…

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I have the exact same problem. Game freezes up to 10 seconds, probobly audio related.

Same issue for me too since upgrade… random drop in frames + sound & freezing…

I can confirm this issue happening for me on 2 different pc’s. And when running them together they freeze/lag at the same time. Appears to be something server side to me.

Same issue for me as well. Everything worked perfectly yesterday, but after I installed the patch today, I’m experiencing static pops with audio and intermittent video “skipping”.

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That is the best description I’ve seen, gud job.

Stupidly I hadn’t checked … From known issues thread …



  • Occasional Audio popping and stuttering related to Audio Upgrade.

yes, also experiencing the same issue on 2 different PC’s. Seems to happen at the exact same time, so not sure if it’s server or i just launched my clients at precisely the exact same time.

also the new font is garbage and strains my eyes.


Hey, have you guys tried disabling audio. It would suck not to be able to hear alarms, but it might get the game to a playable state until CCP fixes the problem.

I’d already enabled “Limit Active Sounds” which has helped, plus dropped the graphics quality. Still not perfect but better.

Same here, unplayable.
As said, disabling audio fix problems, limit active sounds seems to reduce stuttering and freezing.

Same here! At first I thought it was a random sound glitch; hiccup… but now I see its an actual micro freeze of sorts! Happens at random but usually after a gate warp.

Also getting this, just fired up my account for the first time in ages on a new computer I built earlier in the Year and every now and again there is a stutter. Had the fps window open to see what was going in and when the stutter occurs the fps drops from 75+ (With setting mostly on high) to sub 20…

Having the same. Also whatever it was that you turned off at DT, did not fix it.

Same problem, both PCs, one with a 1660 super and one a 3090. Same amount of stutter and frame drops.

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I am also having the same issue. Intermittent stuttering every so often. Sort of frustrating.

Any fix ? I still have this problem.

Have you tried closing the launcher? I suspect the stupid animations in the launcher cause lag. Closing it fixed the problem for me

But Eve code is always somewhat ‘special’, I can play another game at the same time , I can watch videos, do online conferencing… however, when I start another eve client, the game freezes until second (third…) client is fully loaded :frowning: