Since the last major update, client disconnects all the time

As title says, Eve is no longer playable for me as of the last update.

Every 15 - 20 mins client disconnects and crashes.

I sent 2 tickets to CCP with full log reports as they specified and everything.

No reply for 3 days now.

Cleared cache, settings, reinstalled, no luck.

Anyone else having this same issue since the update ?


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Having the exact same issue.

Check out this thread. But now that there’s more people having the same issues, there is a greater likelihood that the problem is with Eve.

Definitely file a support ticket, and please come back and tell us how the issue was ultimately resolved. It might help the next guy with the same problem.

Can confirm this problem persists even after cache reset, check cache for file integrity, firewall for issues and nothing is out of place on my end.

As mentioned in the other thread a lot of us are getting client stutters/freezes with my fps dropping from a solid 75 to sub 20. Turning off the audio seems to fix this but obviously causes gameplay issues? May be worth a try to see if turning off the audio improves the issue for yourself?

Since the big patch I’ve had connection issues where the game client will disconnect, or it will simply freeze in it’s current state (modules will appear to cycle, etc.) “Log off” and “quit game” do not work in this situation. The Client has to be quit via task manager.

Today I also had an issue where Local loaded up for the system I was in, then never changed through 8 jumps. Even after docking, the local list is of pilots in the system I started in.

Now is December, 2020 and I am still having frequent disconnections. It happens randomly, there is no pattern. I tried different options, including restarting my DSL modem and router, monitoring my connection and I can’t find any problem. The disconnection message from client says: connection with server is lost. Any tips?

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