Crashing a lot lately

Anyone else is crashing a lot lately? Not sure when this started, maybe week ago? I was even chatting in local saying “funny that it disconnects you, but never crashes” and few days later I started to experience real crashes.

I experienced a three different outputs.

  • once I got an error message
  • maybe twice the game client crashed cleanly
  • 4+ times it doesn’t crash but hang indefinitely and I had to shut it down

Last time this happened (which is today about 2 hours back) I started another account while two were running already.

I have DX12 disabled, not using Proton UI.

Obvious questions time:

when was the last time you cleaned the fans out in your rig? Could it be over heating?

Are your graphics drivers up to date or have you recently updated them and might you need to roll back until eve catches up?

Could your virus checker be interfering with EvE?

Have you tried reinstalling?

I never get crashes in EvE myself, only disconnects but I do sometimes over heat my gaming laptop and that can cause it to shut down.

Not for a long time… ok good advice I will try this. The other questions/suggestions doesn’t apply.

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No crashes but a lot of disconnects to the server the last days short time after start. Sometimes stable after some minutes and sometimes 1 or 2 of my 3 chars get disconnected again. We will see if its an eve problem . Other Internet programms on this and my 2. computer are running well… Switched of the only new part in my network so i think its an eve problem
but… ???

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ll wait some days and see if other people have the same problem or a patch appears and fixes it before i really know whot it was…

i had distortions in sound too and when searching at the audio cable the monitor started flickering. im now using a different display port of the graka . maybe it is a problem at my machine.... thx if someone searched. ill watch it some days…

Still disconnents at 1 or more of the 3 clients… Display and sound are ok now… we will see…

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@Geminus_Duolphus I think that cleaning up my PC helped so thanks for help.

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By disconnect you mean the popup box with “you have been disconnected from the server” right?

Try run EVE without DirectX 12 if you don’t already.

No idea how to make sure it is not your connection losing signal for a short time. But I have a question, is this happening if you play just one client? Or only if more?

today happened again short after starting the first client (Asketus) . After several logins it seems to be stable. The same later with client nr 2 (Pizzakiller) and nr 3. (Maharischi Pyroxyogi) . Now after 2-4 starts for each client they seem to run stable…
2 computers ran overnight with teamspeak and no problems when i looked in the morning… so i think its an eve problem …
At the moment after several logins 3 clients seem to work stable … (mining in normal ore belt)

i think i`ll simply wait if somethink will be fixed before i start rebuilding (and destroying before) my whole network system… . If it’s running well after 4 starts its ok for the moment. The weather is too good for intensive mining anyway in region Germany… we will see.

Now, after some reloggs , it worked fine for over 1 hour… ^^^
will see…
computers are only good for gaming. And even this is becoming more and more difficult…

Now i activated VPN. Seems to run better without disconnects after start. will watch this for some days…

all 3 clients seem to run well when activating the VPN…

Something on the way to the eve servers seems to hate my own ip adress…
no matter
it is running…

Check out this thread:
Might be you are also a Deutsche Telecom AG custromer and be having similar issues to myself.

Just noting that I’m going to be using that thread @Mike_Kingswell linked for DTAG disconnect issues.

I am getting a lot of disconnects too. i am living in Germany using 1+1 broadband. it seems to happen if i am running both my accounts. one or the other will is a bit hair raising when you are in the middle of a lvl 4 mission and you nearly lose your Golem !

correction just happened on running a single account as well. i can’t even get 10 minutes of game time before i disconnect. it is basically unplayable.
i play a lot of other MMO’s but none of them have this issue.

somebody in another post suggested using a vpn. i turned mine on and so far able to run both accounts with no disconnects.

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