Game freezes randomly (rare)

I got this issue like 3rd time for last week, game UI just freezing and mouse shows standard windows loading icon. I tried to wait ~1 minute but it didn’t resume so I have to end the client task and restart.

All freezes were on same account while I was mining an Ice on the Rorqual. I got second active client window with another account which didn’t freezed once.

Is there anything I can do with this?

I forgot to mention that I got a decent pc which runs tons of “heavy” games smooth (in 5k resolution) and didn’t got any issues with them. That actually looks like some Eve bug. Is there any way to report a bug with some logs attaching etc.?

Was it downloading resources (the circle in the lower left of the neocom bar)?

I have seen freezes when that happens on a docking as it downloaded for a new station unvisited.

Also I suggest in the launcher verifying your cache or clearing the game cache.

You can report bugs with F12 menu and from your web account.

I’m having the same problem.

Which platforms?

I don’t get “random” freezes on Linux and Proton/Wine with DX11 being used.

There was no loading icon. Last time it freezes while I was in in ice belt, I done killing pirates and command drones to come aboard to the ship and soon after I got freeze.
Platform Win 10x64

I have contacted support with sending them logs.
They said I have to verify/clean up shared cache in the launcher settings and it worked to me.

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