EVE Client and launcher keeps freezing randomly & regularly

I have been playing this game for years without any major issues that may force me to stop playing the game however; everything changed last Oct 2019, Since then, I have been experiencing this random issue that makes it impossible for me to play the game. I have submitted tickets and followed the support team’s recommendations without any luck, up to the point, they got tired and ended up asking my to submit a bug report which has produced no responses to my issue.

In a nutshell, my EVE client and launcher keep freezing randomly. When this happens, I can alt-tab and switch through all the other programs and keep working on them, however no matter what I do, EVE stays frozen. I am able to open the task manager but I can’t end the EVE task as I get the “Access Denied” message. The only way to end EVE is doing a hard reboot of my PC. This happens everywhere between 0 and 1 hour after starting the client and doing anything from been docked, jumping gates, opening windows at station, etc. I have not been able to link it to any action. It also freezes when I only run EVE closing all uneeded processes in the background (msconfig).

I’ve wipe my SSD, installed a fresh Windows 10 64 bits + drivers + EVE without nothing else to test my software and still, the issue persist. I tested with different versions of Windows 10 (1803 through 1909) and same issue. I have verified the game cache files, run malware and virus scans, move EVE to a different SSD. I have also tested my memory and CPU for defects, make sure the Windows 10 Superfetch is not causing excessive usage on my SSD and the latest I have been trying is to monitor my network connection to see if disconnections from the EVE clusters could be causing the issue but, that was not the case.

I am hoping someone in the EVE community has experienced and fixed this issue. I am out of ideas so your suggestions will be welcome.

Thank you

my first thought was permissions issues on game files as I don’t get any “access denied” when i end task. its less likely since you reinstalled everything. it could be a faulty video card. have you tried using directx 9 in launcher settings?

Yes mate. Not change.

The access denied message often means that task manager thinks the process is already terminated (or in the process of terminating). This isn’t a problem with the Eve client or others would be experiencing it. I suspect a conflict with something else on the system - perhaps your security software - or a hardware issue.

Try disabling 3rd party security software - leave Windows Defender running. Also try a stress test like Passmark or Prime95.

Good luck.

Same here
Got freeze 3-4 times in last weeks
Unable to kill process
Only hard reset help

It’s really annoying. Do something CCP!

I am also having freezing issues since October 2019, and my issue happens atleast once a hour. It is very annoying and I constantly reload Eve and even do verify file integrity most of the time to still have the same issue less then 1 hour into being logged in.

Currently Eve is playing at about 1/100th speed - I am in final abyssal room and my speed is over 1000 m/s towards the exit gate but it seems to be doing about 1 m/s. The timer is counting down at 1/100th speed too…

Anyone else getting this?

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