EVE freezing computer - Windows 10

I have been encountering problems with a complete freeze/lockup of my computer when running EVE.

Window 10 Pro 64-bit
Nvidia 1070GTX
OS and video driver all fully updated to current

Eve Voice is OFF
Shadowplay is turned OFF
Windows Game Center is turned OFF

GPU & CPU heat is monitored and well within specs.

The computer will lock up completely, requiring a power cycle.

Typical conditions:

Multiple clients open (2-3) - undocking can trigger a freeze
Multiple clients open (2-3) - using Windows taskbar to switch between clients can trigger a freeze
Single client open - opening assets window can trigger a freeze

Since the computer freezes completely and does not “blue screen” there are no error log dumps to review.

Have tried suggestions in: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=519916&find=unread , recommendation about Nvidia Control Panel does not match what I see: https://gyazo.com/2316e11155def406b4bba317521fad88

Looking for suggestions on how to resolve this issue.

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Since we can’t get a Loglite file because the computer is freezing and requiring a hard reboot you might be able to get some information from Windows event viewer.

Please open Event Viewer (it’s a Windows utility). In the left column, expand the “Windows Logs” folder and select the “Application” logs.

Then in the center window, click the “Level” column header to sort all the events by their level of severity. Scroll to the top and you should see some “Error” events. Scroll through those, keeping an eye on the “Source” column for anything that looks related to EVE. Select any rows that look related to EVE by CtrlClicking them, then once you have however many there seem to be, go to the third column.

There, you’ll see a button labeled “Save Selected Events…”. click that to save the events you have selected, you can then file a ticket and attach the file to the ticket if you want help looking through the events.

Hopefully the events can tell you what is causing the crash for you.

I am having the same problem with having to do a hard boot of my computer.

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Nvidia 2X GeForce GTX 980 Ti
32 GB Ram

I have deleted my GPU driver and performed a clean re-install.
I have tried going back to dx 9 and now back on dx 11.
I can play eve for hours at times before the eventual lockup.
I have tried to run the repair.exe program but it will not load.
I do not see anything in windows event viewer the is eve related after this last episode.

I have looked in the Event Viewer and see no errors or other info about the freeze.

The latest freeze occured just before 7:25 PM. The lines at 7:25 are from the reboot process.

This particular freeze happened with two clients open, and the last action was double-clicking on a contact for information. Immediately after the double-click, the entire client froze.

Thank you for any help.

Tried running client in DirectX 9.

Computer froze about an hour after playing, when undocking from station.

Nothing in Event Viewer connected to the freeze.

If there is nothing in Windows event viewer from EVE then perhaps there is a third party program causing the crashes. I would try turning off any other programs you have running in the background and see if that makes a difference.

I recommend you file a support ticket if you have not done so already.


Issue appears resolved. (Now I’ve jinxed myself.)

I was at my wit’s end, and even though I had run three different memory tests on the RAM, I replaced the computer’s RAM.

After replacing the RAM, I have not had a freeze. I have run with multiple clients, no problems.

My best guess is that when doing session changes of docking/undocking, the EVE client requests more memory, which pushes it the “bad memory zone” causing a crash.

Depending on whether or not you increased the total ram on your computer as well, you may have been reaching an OOM freeze. Though I think other settings could affect it too.

Sometimes re-seating ram modules fixes things. Was your 32GB ram bought as a kit?