EVE & Windows 10 Creator Update - Game Crash

I’ve encounter a (re-produceable) bug regarding Full Screen Windowed Mode + Multiple Monitors + Windows 10 Creator Update (or whatever they’re calling this latest POS update)

When running multiple clients and attempting to move stacked clients to another monitor the game will freeze the OS, still allowing for mouse movement but preventing opening Task Manager or tabbing between anything, ultimately requiring a hard reboot. There are unfortunately no errors that come up as neither Windows or EVE ever fully crashes, just freezes. About 50% of the time, one of the clients that are open (Have done this with 3) will not freeze, allowing me to ship spin to my hearts content but unable to undock, open/close in game windows, or to interact with anything.

Steps I’ve already taken:
Updated all hardware drivers and firmware
Ensured no other background programs are running other than EVE
Twiddled my thumbs in frustration

GeForce GTX 970
Intel i5-3570K

Windows 10 Home
Version 1709
Build 16299.125

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I am experiencing freezes all the time since 2016 under Win 10. In my case it’s definitely a problem between the updated EVE graphics with new shaders and the GTX 880M.

The problem has become more worst this year after more patches.

I have filed a complete bug report with all tests and results over the months.

The issue is very complex to discribe in a few sentences. At full settings with DX 11 I will have mostly a complete system freeze and need to restart the Alienware 17. The lower the settings are at DX 9 the less freezes I will have but they will happen.

From the LogLite sessions it’s a shader issue.

When I zoom out in the game it all runs more stable. When I am docked up freezes will happen randomly as long as the clients are in foreground. When I dock up and zoom out directly there are no freezes. I can force the clients to freeze when I zoom in at max and play with the camera.

The driver stops and will be recovered in this case.

End of 2016 my mainboard and GFX has been replaced by DELL due to a hardware failure. So it’s not an issue of my hardware. It’s a special issue between EVE and the GTX 880M. I also tested lots of different drivers. Nothing helps.

I assume CCP has to fix the issue. But as long as they can’t test EVE on a A17 with GTX 880M it seems that I need to buy a new rig. I have no issues with other graphic apps or games. It’s just EVE.


Have you submitted a bug about it?

Yes indeedy.

Further investigation!

Have found that if I unplug the monitor where the single frozen client currently resides on (going from 3 to 2 monitors), it forces that client to the background allowing me to force close it and continue on without having to hard restart the machine.

I’m having the same issue you’ve described with moving the stacked clients. I’m only using 2 monitors, but my entire system also locks up and requires a hard reboot. This happens daily and is very frustrating. And yeah I think it started around the time the Windows 10 Creator Update came around.

One weird thing I’ve noticed is that Mumble output still comes through after the computer locks up. I can’t send any voice after the lock up, but I can still hear the output.

System info for me:

GeForce GTX 1080
Intel i5-6600K

Windows 10 Home x64
Version 1709
Build 16299.125

Bump up for visibility…this is still broken. As is my will to play this game until it’s fixed.

Same issues, have tried multiple resolutions as well. I only run 2 monitors and 99% of the time have a freeze when moving a client to a different monitor. I have even gone so far as to open my tower and move the video card to a new slot. I have re-installed the client and updated all drivers, including the actual drivers for my monitors.

AMD Radeon RX480
64 GB Ram
AMD FX-8350

Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Version 1709
Build 16299.125

I started to encounter hard lockups after installing the Creator Update. The system would freeze once a day fairly consistently - not necessarily when Eve was running. A Google search found a lot of people with the same issue. The consistency seemed to be an SSD boot drive.

What has worked for me thus far (only a couple of trouble free days) is turning off “fast startup”. It costs nothing to try and may help:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click Power Options.
  • Click Choose what the power buttons do.
  • Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Scroll down to Shutdown settings and uncheck Turn on fast startup.
  • Click Save changes.

I suspect this is something Microsoft will need to fix - my system was rock solid with 1703 and started to freeze immediately after 1709 was installed.

I tried what Do Little suggested and it stopped crashing for a few days and then resumed. I found this post on Reddit that might help. It’s corrected this issue so far for me. It involves turning off the “Windows Game Bar”

Windows 10 freeze up completely when alt+tab to the EVE-Launcher?

My computer was locking up when I was changing the graphics output in the settings rather than Alt+Tab, but it seems to fix my issue as well.

Link TL;DR:
-Open Windows 10 Settings
-Go to Gaming
-Toggle off “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”

I disabled pretty much everything in the gaming section because I don’t use it, but you may not have to if you do use some of these features.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

I’m also experiencing the exact same system freeze, although my system freezes every time I try to move an EvE client from either my ‘first’ ‘display adaptor to my second’ display adaptor and vice verse via the Esc menu Display & Graphics 4th combo box ‘Display Adaptor’. After a restart it works just once, if I try it again it freezes. Hence is there anyway to set the EvE client to launch each account to the users preferred display adaptor or have the client remember it?

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