Changing monitors hard locks computer

My computer locks up when i try to change the display adaptor from the in-game menu. I log into two accounts. Both start up on the same monitor as usual and one needs to be moved to a secondary adapter. The second I select another monitor and click apply, it locks up.

I’m still trying to pinpoint the problem. Any ideas will be appreciated. Using Win 10 October 2017 build, 1070ti latest drivers, tripple monitor setup.

Edit: switching to windowed mode, then changing display adapter, and then changing back to fixed window bypasses the hardlock. Close enough I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have already raised this as a bug report. It was closed by ccp devs, they said it was due to Steam and to try to run eve without using Steam and see if the problem went away.

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This is definitely not Steam, since I’m not running the game through steam.

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do you play other games? could be your video card is having issues. if it only happens in eve then file another bug report with as much data as you can

I also have this exact bug.

I do not play through steam.

Requires hard restart.

Only happens with Eve.

Has occurred since coming back to the game after taking a break for ~3 months.

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I too am experiencing this EXACT same issue…

The issue seems to be less frequent if I turn the graphics settings down to the lowest settings, but it doesn’t remove the issue, simply makes it less frequent.

It is next to impossible to send a good bug report with all the data, as the computer locks up completely and requires a hard restart of the entire computer. This issue started cropping up about 1 month ago, I actually started playing EVE less because of it.

Windows 10, 64bit, October build
Not using Steam


Any help fixing this issue would be appreciated!

EDIT: I tried going to full screen, and then switching screens. Did not fix the issue or provide a work around. Computer still locked up.

By locked up I mean that no keyboard commands seem to be processed, mouse cursor can be moved but nothing is click-able.

Also worth noting that I completed a graphic`s card driver update less then 24 hours ago.

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Same here.
AMD R9 270x graphics. Noticed it today. Working like a charm for an hour or so and now i cannot open 2 clients at the same time without needed a hard restart.
Tried with DX9 and same issue.

Update, I have since been able to hold a mumble conversation after the computer “locked-up” which means that it isn’t completely unusable. To be clear the screens were frozen, with the lone exception of the mouse cursor being able to move.

I have since switched to DX9 and have yet to experience the issue on DX9.

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having same issue, it started this month.
If i had a youtube on the other screen i could click and it would pause/unpause the audio but visually i was completely frozen other than the mouse.
It’s doing this fairly consistently, but sometimes upon restart i can change monitors with my eve clients.

I don’t play thru steam, but do have steam. But i’ve always had steam.
The only thing that i changed about the same time this started was i got a new mouse.

Any sort of response for this? It’s absolutely horrible trying to use a few accounts at once and move monitors depending which needs to be active. I’m hard locking constantly.

This still happens. Updated nvidia drivers today but no luck. Steam is not running.

I got it too, my AMD drivers are up to date too (18.3.2).

If I active fixed window for a client which has its current window on another screen than the one I want it to be fixed, a complete freeze of the pc occures.

Still having the issue as described above…

Intel i7 4690k
16gb ram
X2 displays running at 60hz

Windows 10 is probably the issue. Or some background service it’s running.

Same issue, I can be undocked or in station, and when I switch to Monitor 2, it works fine, swtiching back to Monitor 1 will freeze game no matter how long the wait.

Windows 10 Professional
64 GB Memory
AMD Ryzen Threaderipper 1950X
No Steam Client
Running in Window Fixed Mode.

CCPlease Help me!

Also have the same issue.

I’m having the same issue.

I’m using 3 monitors, all on 2560*1440

Windows 10 pro
GTX 1070
i7 6700k
32gb RAM and everything on my 950 pro SSD

I can reproduce this issue easily. I first thought it was because of the fact that I was running 3 eve clients (I could do this easily in november) and maybe they changed a few things to the clients.

I open my eve accounts, move one to screen number 2 play around a bit, but the moment I want to change from screen 2, back to 1, the screen freezes. Sometimes on the windows I was at, with the ability to move my mouse. Sometimes I just get a black screen and it freezes everything.

I tried this with just one eve client open, same issue. Move to screen 2, back to 1. BAM freeze.

I’ve checked memory dumps, my event viewer, and nothing shows. I’ve enabled logging on my eve client and am currently in the process of downloading everything but I’m actually glad I’m not the only one with this issue.

Honestly thought something was up with my computer but turns out it’s EVE itself doing something strange.

Still doing some more troubleshooting but I don’t have high hopes in finding out what’s causing the issue myself. I could maybe see if it happens on a laptop too by plugging it into a few extra screens.

I’m going to have a look if the windowed does the same thing vs fixed windowed. And maybe change the interval settings and see if it happens there too.

I’ve tried the workaround of using window versus fullscreen window. This does not give the same issue. Also been checking out memory usage, cpu load and gpu load.
RAM goes to 20% load using 3 clients, cpu only 15 and gpu never higher than 70% with a temperature of 60°C

Definitely an EvE issue

Damnit, I love borderless

Notice how everyone having the problem is using WINDOWS 10? And how no one using something OTHER than windows 10 has the issue? It’s not an EVE issue, it’s a windows 10 issue.

I have the same issue. Windows 10 v16299. I thought it only happened in the character select screen, but it also happens inside the game, with a single account (I don’t run multiple accounts on the same computer). I realized that it doesn’t freeze your computer but rather just freezes image on your monitors, and I managed to be able to use my PC again after I turned off my DisplayPort monitor, which Windows 10 has a shitty detection feature that whenever your DP monitor is turned off it will act like it’s unplugged from your PC.

I have the exact same problem. Windows 10, 64 bit professional edition! Nvidia GTX 1070.