Frequent lockups / unresponsiveness

So the last couple of months the client seemed a smidge unstable on linux for me. This was both on my laptop and the desktop (laptop vastly outperforms my desktop btw). In a normal 3 hour gaming session, I have experienced a completely frozen eve client with everything else working fine probably an average of twice per session.

Today I played for 8 hours and had no issues at all.

Curious if something got fixed in the last update…or if it was because I left the launcher open the entire time. I usually close the launcher because I’m picky like that.

Any other linux users have thoughts?

When you say froze you mean the image stayed there, or it went black?

It really seems to me like they’ve been playing catchup since after that first patch glitch back in… may?

Running it under gdb and debug symbols for all your libs is the traditional thing to do, not that I ever understand the output.

The wine debug channels are a bit more straightforward, but almost as bad as gdb speed wise if you turn them ALL on… and you’d need it to crash again heh…

That said you haven’t mentioned too much about your setup so I’m out of guess work. Wine staging has been getting a lot of commit’s lately if you updated that I could see some dx11 bug clearing out.

Be interested to hear everyone elses thoughts on this too. Not nearly enough discussion! :slight_smile:

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The image stays in place. Just can’t click on anything etc. Rather strange really. It does ~appear~ like it might be video driver issue, except that everything outside of the game works just fine. I can minimize the window and restore it…just nothing happens inside it.
I tried running it with logging the other day, which is when it never crashed. After about 5 hours of logging, I closed the logging window and just left the launcher window open. Still didn’t crash. Just super odd.
On the next day I did have a single lockup and the launcher was open at the time. So…yeah. Just sort of stabbing in the dark to see if anybody else has the issue or not.
I have heard others mention crashes/lockups in the last few months, but they’re on windows so may or may not be the same problem.

System is current kaby lake i7; nvidia 1060 gpu on the laptop.
Desktop is an ancient 3 core Phenom II with a nvidia 750ti in it.
Using current nvidia binary blob.
Running 4.10 kernels, more recently 4.13.

Hmmm crickets…

Generally I think of crashes as being better than freezes, usually a crash means something, somewhere, was prevented. No bad mojo. Unless your computer starts smoking, in which case it didnt. Heh.

You say the blob and that makes think of my own card that sometimes crashes if the system tries to hibernate using the blob driver. That said are you watching heat? On two machines at once that’d be odd… unless you live in the desert? Also a quick read for you:

Which is short but good points… looking there brought me here:

Which has some interesting tidbits for me… can I create a ‘pushbuf’ in vram? That’d be handy. Might be a few blob flags you can try out somewhere in addition to debug stuff. Haven’t tried myself so when it catches fire dont blame me :slight_smile:

Good Luck

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