Freezing, lagging & crashing

Hi there,

This is my first post here, so nice to meet you all.

Today I tried several times to enter the game as usual (everything at Low except textures on Medium) but, with the new update, every time I choose my character and enters the dock, the image below freezes, usually in black, and some in-game windows appear; then it becomes all black and the mouse appears and disappears within seconds; then it returns to the normal view but freezes immediately… This happens 3 or 4 times until it goes to my main screen, with the EVE mouse activated but without the game. Needless to say that music keeps playing normal during all this process. Also, when this happens, if I press ESC, when it comes back to the game view, the ESC menu appears and then the game runs cool.

Somebody could help me please? I have Windows 10.

Are you by chance in USA?

As there are certain regions still having routing issues. Not just with EVE, but also Discord and other internet based serves outside of the states.

Hi there!

I finally solved the problem. It looks like that the problem wasn’t the windows that opened, it was just when my character appears (happens when it’s showed in the Character Sheet or if I want to create a new one). So, remaking my question, what can I do, so my PC stops crashing every time my character shows up?

BTW, I’m from Spain :smile:

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