Game crashing glitches upon loading character since 22nd-23rd Sept.2023 update

Hi, I cannot log in now on any account since I updated my laptop late on 23rd (would be the 22nd september updates).

On the character select screen, I see occasional flashes of glitchy graphics from the Eve store or perhaps from the daily rewards window not loading? Everything is also slow now, and then loading a character just crashes as the station loads.

I have been playing for months on this laptop and the only thing I can think of that has changed on my Windows 10 installation is a new “Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime” installation.

Lenovo T14, AMD with Radeon graphics, Windows 10 Pro.

So far I tried a clean full installation of Eve on a new, clean Windows user account, but that hasnt worked. Same problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


Have you already changed the game client from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11 after your new installation in the launcher?

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Yes, thanks! Just solved - by luck (good or bad?), my HDMI port had a glitch and the driver mismatched with it somehow when I last pulled out the cable. So I reset the driver and done. Bad timing. Thanks! Ill close this.

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