New patch = pc crash

Hi all,

So i updateted Eve via luncher, started the game an my computer froze… I restart it but it got stuck on Windows loading screen. Restarting it couple of times, but that did nothing. Anybody got this issue?

Seems like no Eve for me for some time untill I get my coputer fixed, including no character trainings during this period…

If you are omega, you can use the cell phone app to update your skill queue.

Also: boot.ini😂

Not an omega, just started the game and really like it, and this happend. I expected to be killed an robbed in Eve, but this is a bit too much. Maybe getting a blue screen is part of a new patch…

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look at your graphics drivers and possibly system files. One of my guys ran into that and fixed it with a cmd line. Open an admin command prompt and type sfc /scannow

Update graphics drivers and try again. Most of the issues related to that seem to be radeon cards and integrated graphics.

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When you get your eve launcher back perhaps try clearing cache and verifying files from launcher.

Maybe turning your graphics down from the esc menu might help as well?

This is concerning, although if it were widespread, we’d see many more posts about it. Have you tried starting your PC in safe mode to eliminate drivers as a possible source of the issue?

You guys can’t read? He cant load system so all that advice’s are trash…

“from black screen” option, then “startup repair” Or if you have windows install pendrive around, use it get to that menu.

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Yea good point. Unfortunately at this point the OP’s problem is not an EVE issue.

Guess you must have missed the part where I said “When you get your eve launcher back…” - Indicating OP will fix his underlying computer issue first. Things to try to perhaps streamline eve for the OP a bit. Can’t you read?

Hey guys, thank you all for help. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much, every command in cmd gave me some kind of error so I gave up. At least I managed to save some important files from local drive.

For about one year now, I got interested in coding, so I got a bunch of different stuff installed over the time as I was jumping from one programming language to another. And also, as my PC is not that good, for some games I did some background tweaking, along with installing some software for better performance. This all could lead to this problem, where updating Eve was the last drop (somehow).

Anyway, I’m going to reinstall Windows, which I was planing to do anyway, due to mention background garbage.

Thank you all for your replies, I was wandering if this was common thing as I’m pretty new to this game, but it seems that the problem was me all this time (not surprised)…

Wish you all a clear sky and chunky loot :vulcan_salute:

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That would do it. I keep a separate machine for most of my beta test work

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