Eve online flickering when I log in to the character menu

so yeah I have a problem

after an update on my windows 10, the eve online graphics seems to be flickering all of the sudden, and its annoying. not only that, when I do get in to the game, its so lag its like watching pictures from a go pro camera. the stop/start of the frames are horrible

I tried updating the drives, and followed the window mode/fullscreen thing, no go

for some reason, it only affects the eve online game. my browser and other games are fine

any ideas guys?

I’m about to do a reinstall to see if that will fix this

I’m open to suggestions or help :slight_smile:

window 10 - 1803?
what grafic card? did you update the driver or uninstall and reinstall it?

i have win 10 - 1803 with all the updates and a nVidia card with the newest driver … no problems with the grafic

i am not sure if a reinstall of the game helps but i would first try to clear the EVE cache

hope this helps


already tried clearing the cache but its still a no go

yes I have the win 10 1803
graphic card is just a simple intel hd graphic card 1gb
not a hard gamer. just a simple miner

ok … i guess you have all settings on low then
update of the grafic card driver is done to?
maybe try update all drivers … like chipset, audio, … such stuff
could be its not related to the grafic card but to something els and you only get grafic problems …


fixed it! seems to be a problem with the intel graphics driver. Just had to manually update it. in fact, its looking better now

but man that was a scary technical problem ■■■■ me

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oh ok … i thought you updated the driver already
but anyways … good its fixed

befor a bigger windows 10 update its a good call to update all drivers

fly safe


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