Full Screen and duel moniters issue, How to?

I currently play on a MacBook Pro 10.12.6. I tried upgrading to two monitors via two HDMI cables via thunderbolt 3 ports but each monitor goes black when I launch eve.

Since the 64 bit client introduction I have only been able to play in full screen and alt-tab out to use another app. With the introduction of two more monitors I was hoping to be able to have my browser and discord up but each monitor just goes black once eve launches. Any one have this issue? How do I go about using an extra monitor with eve?

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:red_circle: Don’t use Fullscreen, use Fixed Window. Visually its the same as Fullscreen.

Fixed window doesn’t do anything for me. Anything other than full screen is black with just the cursor no matter how long I wait. It’s been like this since before I even thought of getting a second monitor.

I play Eve on a Mac with two monitors, and the only thing that works for me is “Windowed mode”. It works for having Eve (nearly) full-screen on the larger monitor, and then having something else (like Discord or dotlan maps) open on the smaller monitor, in order to see both at the same time. It’s kinda tedious though, with many “gotchas”

  • After launching the client, while still on the Character selection screen, I drag the edges of the window to exactly match the size of the monitor.
  • The window MUST be resized by dragging. If I try any shortcut to resize the window (like double-clicking the menu bar, or Option-clicking the green window-zoom button,) then the client freezes and must be force-quit.
  • I have to do the resize before going past the Character selection screen, and have to be careful not to allow something like a monitor sleeping trigger a resize, otherwise all my window-positions within the game (Overview, D-scan, chat, etc.) all get majorly screwed.
  • In Mac OS System Preferences > Displays, I have to make sure Resolution is set to “Default for display” and not “scaled”, otherwise I get some crazy mouse-cursor flicker & disappearances that makes the game borderline unplayable.

The Eve client is so annoyingly picky/fragile on a Mac, but if you painstakingly accommodate it, it does work. Good luck!

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Just tried this with no luck. Glad it works for you at least. Would love to be able to use a 2nd monitor.

Full screen is better if you are on a Mac with a Retina display because you can get the client to use the full resolution of the display. If you need to access other apps just Cmd-Tab.

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Fixed window allows the same. FW has no window borders.

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