CTRL key 'stuck' when switching into and out of EVE

I play with EVE on 1 monitor, on a 3 monitor system - and when moving into and out of EVE it behaves as if CTRL is being held. Same behavior whether in fixed window or window mode (full screen blanks other 2 monitors so is unusable and not tested).

By ‘into and out of Eve’ i mean moving the cursor out of the EVE screen and say, doing work :wink:

I saw old mentions of this being a bug and a fix, but it seems to have been reintroduced. I have not yet found a fix for it with searches.

I have tested with on screen keyboard and can confirm it is not a Human Interface Device sending the CTRL issue, but Eve itself.

Pressing CTRL releases it.

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I also am affected by this.

Is there a known fix (ie, not the ‘press ctrl’ workaround) for this issue?

This bug cost me a ship today. A cheap ship - sure - but it could easily have been a worse :wink:

Bump - still a pain.

Imagine you are working on one screen and a neut shows up - you click on it to select it for locking but end up heading directly to it and you die.


still some wierd input mapping going on.

please address!

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