Hotkeys get stuck "down" - Windowed Mode

Have had this issue now on three different computers and several different operating systems.
When click off the eve window/client and click on another application or my web browser and do something and then click back on the EVE window - it randomly thinks I have certain keys down.

It’s always happened for years on end - and i’m finally fed up with it.
It’s happened on work laptops, home computers, different keyboards, etc - nothing in common.
Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 10 creators, etc.

I click back on the eve window after it is not the focus for a little while and it thinks i’m holding approach key down, or show info key down, etc etc. Could be literally any keyboard key.

Does anybody else have this? I literally have to spam the keys and stuff to try to get it to think the key was released and go back to normal. Happens randomly, different keys, etc. Sometimes acts like a queue of keys are down so when I clear one, there is still another stuck down that I have to clear.

It’s like the client is slowly intercepting keystrokes entered into other windows and not getting the full keystroke and keys that are bound to eve shortcuts randomly get stuck in the down position until i click on the window and make it take focus.

Driving me nuts. Seems to happen more often when im typing in chrome - like while im typing this message.

I can confirm this. I’ve noticed that if I unbind the shortcut keys that most commonly get activated (align, track, look at, jump/dock/warp, etc) it stops it. Strangely enough this must be a very specific and particular occurrence. No one I’ve asked in the discords I hangout in seems to be able to understand the actual error

Do you use Webroot for A/V? I tracked it down on my end to the identity shield feature of webroot.

It’s not just an eve online thing - the A/V was buffering and intercepting the keyboard keystrokes and could not handle either NKRO, or just several high rate of typing. Keys would get stuck within the O/S in the down position in all applications - just wasn’t obvious in any other places except for EVE.

Haven’t the had problem since i ditched it. Didn’t really need it in the first place.

Well I’ll be damned. I do have Webroot. Let me give it a shot and try back

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