"sticky" keys when 'alt-tabbed' out of the game

I have EVE running in fixed windowed mode, when I interact with another window, then return to EVE, it sometimes acts like I have a button pressed down, until I press that button again… Track, Align, Warp, Dock, etc…

This most commonly occurs after typing something into Google or a Twitch Stream, and return. If I come back into the game, the game will say Track at the bottom, and be waiting for me to click an object to start tracking. Pressing ‘C’ will clear that letter, and then I can click a web browser, then see what the next letter I need to clear.

Q W E R A S D F Z X C V, and the numbers 1-9 have all been affected by this issue at some point. I have not ever noticed Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Tab to be affected.

I am currently mining, returning to the game as I completed this post, I had to clear: Warp, Orbit, Track, Keep at Range, and Show Info.

I do not have this occur in any other application, and clicking directly into the text box does not cause any letters to appear. I am currently using Windows 10, with a Corsair Keyboard. I have the Corsair iCue software installed, but have uninstalled and reinstalled it during my troubleshooting.

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